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For Creators: How to Authenticate Your Instagram Profile in Klear
For Creators: How to Authenticate Your Instagram Profile in Klear
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Authenticating your Instagram account in Klear provides the brand you are partnering with real-time data, and increases transparency while reducing manual data sharing. When authenticating your Instagram account you can choose what kind of data you want to share with interested brand partners, ensuring that your partnership will run smoothly while still maintaining your privacy.

This article includes both a step-by-step guide and a video tutorial to help you easily connect your Instagram account to Klear.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to ensure that your Instagram profile is a Business or Creator account.

  • How to Authenticate your Instagram account with Klear

This article will cover:

Ensuring your Instagram Account is Set to Business or Creator

To authenticate your account you will first need to ensure that your Instagram account is set to either Creator or Business, this is in accordance with META’s privacy policy and allows Klear to have access to account information.

To change your Instagram profile to a Business or Creator Account

  1. Open Instagram and go to Settings

  2. Click Account Type & Tools

  3. Click Switch to Professional Account

  4. Select either a Creator or Business account and click Next

  5. Follow the remaining directions to turn your account from a personal profile to either Business or Creator.

For additional information review the How to set up a business account on Instagram guide.

Authenticating Your Instagram Account

Authentication Video Tutorial

Authentication Step-by-Step Guide

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