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Media and Author Lists in Monitor
Media and Author Lists in Monitor

You can power your content stream with mentions from people of interest, combining news and social in one view.

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Power your content stream with mentions from people of interest, combining news and social in one view.

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Media and Author Lists Overview

Selecting a Media or Author List from the main dropdown or any input selector in Monitor will load mentions from the media contacts or X (formerly Twitter) handles in that list. You can narrow it down further with the ability to find and sort mentions in the stream.

Using a Media or Author List

To get the most out of your Media Monitoring, you need to be able to see exactly what’s happening, as it breaks, in order to be the first to know and the first to inform on these changes.

To get more specific, clicking on an author’s name next to an editorial article pops out a media contact profile directly from Monitor to find what social channels they’re active on. This enables you to act on relevant coverage and connect with journalists or content creators without leaving your Monitoring View.

In addition, you can pitch more confidently by creating views that show social and editorial content side by side. When sorting your view with an input powered by a media list or side by side with author lists. This allows PR pros to stay up-to-date on their news, TV and radio content, all while staying on top of the social conversations related to that editorial content.

People-specific Monitoring Views:

Content is created by people. For those users particularly concerned with following people of interest, Media and Author Lists can power all of the streams in a saved View - making that View or a stream in that view people-specific. No need to create new searches or use complex Boolean with the aim to focus on specific people.

Focus on people of interest:
In Monitor, you can conduct an ad-hoc search for authors in your Media List using the find function, saving time and effort. Some users have a list of existing authors in their Media List, but don’t want to update their searches to return articles by those authors. Now, you can follow what those people are saying, focus on searches of interest, and even review broadcast content (TV and radio) - in one view. For those who report to stakeholders on direct PR impact, powering a search with both Media and Author Lists is a further step in comprehensive PR reporting. Create a Media List to track editorials and Author Lists to track social handles. Use both together to achieve an expansive view of the content coming from specific people.

Identify media opportunities:

By focusing your Monitoring View to specific authors, you can identify trends, topics of interest, and comparisons without customizing a search. Applying Media Lists as a Monitoring View supports media outreach efforts by combining people of interest into one view for quick analysis. You can then use the content actions in the content stream (find, sort) to narrow down further.

Add people to lists from Monitor:

Remember that you can add people (contacts or authors) to respective lists directly from Monitor, by using the Mini-Profiles. Otherwise, you may add to lists from Media Relations or Explore.

Creating a Media List

If you have Media Relations in your Meltwater subscription, you can create a Media List. Learn more about Creating and Organizing Media Lists.

Creating an Author List

An Author List can also be used to power your streams in Monitor to allow for a focus on people of interest. Learn more about Using Author Lists.

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