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Creating Tracking Links With Custom Parameters
Creating Tracking Links With Custom Parameters

Easily add UTM tracking parameters to your links directly in Connect.

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Tracking and measuring your influencer activity is essential to understanding the success of your campaigns and shaping future partnerships. Alongside analyzing metrics like reach and engagement, it’s best practice to include tracking links to uncover which influencers are driving impact through traffic and conversions. Tracking links can help to accurately attribute the success of your influencer activity against any other marketing initiatives for your brand.

Klear enables you to create tracking links and the UTM builder in Connect allows for the creation of basic or more complex tracking links that conform to your existing UTM structure. Instead of using predefined parameters for all influencers or manually creating your UTM code for tracking links, the link builder allows you to configure 5 standard parameters (source, medium, campaign, term, and content) and assign them with variables from your campaign or include free text. You can also include custom parameters beyond these 5 to match any other reporting templates you have in place.

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Before you move forward, make sure you have completed the following steps:

  1. Added the influencers to a campaign

    1. This is all that is needed to send a basic tracking link directly within the campaign brief

  2. Sent a campaign brief to the influencers

  3. At least 1 influencer has joined the campaign

Creating a Tracking Link in a Campaign Brief

To send everyone influencer in your campaign a tracking link from the Campaign Brief, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Connect section within your campaign.

  2. Follow the steps for creating a Campaign Brief

  3. In the campaign requirements on the right, enable Tracking Link

  4. Simply include the URL of the site you wish to create a tracking link for and a unique Bitly will be created for each influencer. This uses Klear’s default UTM parameters and is not customizable. For customizable links, please follow the steps below in the Creating Tracking Links with Custom UTM Parameters section

Creating Tracking Links with Custom UTM Parameters

The easiest way to edit influencer information in bulk is to do so within a campaign. Follow these steps:

  1. From your campaign, navigate to the Connect tab.

  2. In Connect, select the influencer (or multiple influencers) to create a new message.

  3. From the actions bar, click the link icon.

  4. In the pop-up, enter your URL, and then set your desired parameters using the drop-down option Next and assign the variables or enter free text.

  5. Click +Add Custom Parameter for anything additional you’d like to add to your URL.

  6. Once you’ve updated all of your parameters hit Create at the bottom of the pop-up. Remember to use clear names for any free text you include in order for your tracking links to be most effective for your reporting.

  7. From there, give your link an internal title, and add your message.

  8. When finished, click Send Link To, and each influencer will get their unique tracking link with the customized UTM tags you assigned.

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