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Running a successful Influencer Marketing campaign rarely happens in a silo, you’ll need to collect feedback from your team, external stakeholders, and even clients. The Collaboration Portal in Klear helps to streamline communication between those who are invested in the process.

Those that you invite to collaborate on a campaign do not have to be registered Klear users, allowing you to expand the number of people involved in the feedback process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Invite Collaborators to provide feedback on your campaign

  • Review Influencers you’ve decided to partner with

  • Collect Feedback on content your influencers have submitted for approval

  • View and respond to feedback your collaborators have provided

This article will cover:


  • Campaign Owner

    • The Klear user who created the campaign

  • Collaborator

    • A teammate, stakeholder, or client who is not a Klear account user but has been asked to provide feedback on the campaign process.

Inviting Campaign Collaborators

Collecting campaign feedback from colleagues or stakeholders is easier than ever.

  1. Click the Campaigns tab

  2. Select the campaign you would like to invite others to collaborate on

  3. Click the share button and then select Share and Collaborate from the drop-down menu

  4. Enter the collaborator’s email in the invitation section

  5. Click Invite

  6. A personal email with a unique link to the campaign collaboration portal will be sent to the collaborator.

All invited collaborators will be listed under the invite field and can be removed when hovering over the name. Removing a collaborator will also remove all the feedback that they have entered.

Reviewing Influencers

Invited collaborators will receive access to a dedicated collaboration portal where they will be able to add feedback on each influencer in the campaign.

  1. Click Open Campaign on the collaboration invite email

  2. Once in the collaboration will portal find the influencer you would like to review

  3. Click Enter Feedback

  4. Enter any notes, feedback, or comments in the text box

  5. Select Approve or Decline based on the feedback provided. This step is optional.

  6. Hit Submit

  7. A notification will be sent to the campaign owner that feedback has been provided on an influencer.

After feedback has been provided by the collaborator, the owner of the campaign can in turn add their own notes for each influencer that has been reviewed.

Collaborators can download a full profile pdf report for a deeper analysis, by clicking on the profile image or name.

Viewing Content Feedback

Once a Collaborator has added feedback on content that influencers have submitted for approval. The campaign owner will then be able to view that feedback in the Content Approval section of the campaign. Content feedback provided by the campaign owner or collaborator will not be visible to the Influencer. The campaign owner will pass the relevant feedback to the influencers.

To view content feedback:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab

  2. Select the relevant campaign

  3. Click the Connect tab

  4. Select Content Approval from the top menu

  5. Any content feedback will be available in the Collaborator Feedback section

  6. Click Replies to view the entire feedback thread

This feedback is sent to the client, and does not reach the influencer. The campaign owner will use this feedback to pass the relevant parts to the influencers.

Viewing Collaborator Feedback

After inviting a collaborator to a campaign, you will be able to easily keep track of all comments and conversations added by the collaborator by using the feedback column under the Members Tab of the shared campaign.

To view collaborator feedback:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab

  2. Select the relevant campaign

  3. Click the Members tab once you have opened the campaign

  4. The feedback column will be on the far right-hand side of the Members tab

  5. Click Replies to view all feedback that has been offered by collaborators for that campaign and to add a reply to any feedback.

All collaborator feedback will be populated in this column in real-time, along with the email of the collaborator who added it and the time it was added. This information will only be visible to the client and the collaborator who added it.

Additional Resources

Speak with a Meltwater Rep

Use the chat feature located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen to talk with a product expert that can help with any questions that you may have.


mCommunity is a collaborative space that lets you engage with other Klear users, ask your questions to community members, and learn more about product updates and Meltwater events.

Klear Academy

If you would like to dive deeper into the information we covered here as well as learn more advanced features of the tool check out the Klear Academy. Become an expert in Klear and get certified while you learn!

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