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Creating and Sending Influencer Agreements in Klear
Creating and Sending Influencer Agreements in Klear

Step-by-step guide on how to use agreements within Klear.

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All agreement activity takes place within Klear Connect. You must first connect with influencers through Klear to send and sign contracts. You can connect with influencers by sending a campaign brief and inviting them to a campaign. After an influencer accepts your invite, you will be able to send them a contract for signature.

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Collaborating with an influencer is like any other business partnership. Influencer agreements are a great way to navigate professional relationships, whether a one-time collaboration or an ongoing partnership. So before you distribute your influencer agreement, you will need to create one outlining the terms of your agreement. Influencer agreements can be as detailed as you like, but it’s helpful to include information outlining the scope of work, including timelines and deliverables, payment terms, usage rights, etc. This will set the right expectations at the upfront of a partnership and minimize questions or miscommunication down the line.

Sending Individual Influencer Agreements

Once you have your agreement ready, navigate to the Klear Connect section of your campaign. Agreements can be sent individually or in bulk.

  1. Select an influencer from the left-side list

  2. Click the Send Agreement button from the actions options below the message bar

  3. From the pop-up, click the Upload button

  4. Select your saved PDF agreement file

  5. The Agreement Title and Agreement Message will change automatically to show your agreement file name. Adjust the message text and/or title to customize any language.

  6. Ensure the correct influencer is selected in the Select Influencer dropdown and click Prepare Agreement for Signing.

Sending Influencer Agreements in Bulk

Using the influencer list in the Connect sidebar, you can send the same agreement to multiple influencers at once. Select the influencers from the sidebar and select the Send Agreement button from the actions bar.

From here, the process for sending an agreement will be the same as outlined above with individual agreements. When sending in bulk, each influencer will still receive their own unique agreement to sign.

Preparing and Sending the Agreement for Signing

  1. Use the drag-and-drop fields from the left-side menu to update the agreement with the needed information. You can add signature fields, initials, signature dates, text boxes, and checkboxes.

  2. Make sure to assign the files to the right participant (either you or the influencer).

  3. Once you are done preparing the agreement, click Send For Signature to send the agreement to the influencer.

Tracking the Signature Progress

  1. After the agreement is sent, this event will be logged in the influencer's message feed in Connect.

  2. Click on Agreements to check the status of your agreement.

  3. After the influencer signs, all participants will receive a notification with a copy of the signed document.

What the Influencer Sees

Signature Request

Influencers will receive a personalized email requesting their signature. By clicking on the Sign Agreement button, influencers will be redirected to the actual agreement to sign.

Influencer eSignature

  1. Influencers will sign the agreement directly through Klear (with no need to create a separate DropBox Sign account). The number of required fields will be displayed at the top, and must be completed to finalize.

  2. Influencers will complete the required fields. For signatures, if an influencer has signed an agreement with you before, they will see an option to use the same signature from their previous agreement. After creating a signature, the influencer will click insert to add signatures to the document.

  3. Influencers must agree to the DropBox Sign Terms of Service to submit their signed agreement.

Process Documentation

After the influencer submits the signed document, both parties will get a notification with a copy of the signed agreement. The event will be logged in the influencer's messaging feed in Connect.


What format does my agreement need to be in?

Agreements must be in PDF format to upload.

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