Translating Content Into Any Language

Learn how to translate your content into the language of your choice.

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Powell Janulus was not like most people; he spoke 42 languages, and in Meltwater, you can monitor the media in 480 languages.

This article will cover:

Translating Any Mention in a Content Stream

Translating any mention in a content stream using native Google Chrome browser functionality is helpful when scanning results in Explore or Monitor.

Google’s Chrome browser has built-in translation capabilities. In the example below, we want to identify the most popular news stories from the election in Brazil and translate them into English. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Explore in the left-hand navigation bar (this can also be done in the Monitor tab)

  2. Click on an existing search or create a new one

  3. Right-click anywhere on your to access the command menu in Chrome.

  4. Select Translate to English (or the language of your choice), and all of the mentions currently loaded in the content stream will be translated instantly.

  5. If you want to reset the translation

    1. Click on the translation icon in Chrome’s address bar

    2. Select Detected Language

Note: The Chrome browser has limitations that may require you to repeat this process in future sessions in Meltwater.

Additional Option:

If you decide that you don’t want to translate the entire page, you may use the Google Translate Plugin from the Chrome Store.

Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Highlight the text which you want to translate.

  2. Activate the plugin from your plugin menu at the top of your browser

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