How to use Entity Company Search in Explore

Learn how to simplify and expand your searching capability by using Entity Company Search within Explore.

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Let's learn about Entity Company Search in Explore. We will walk through why to use this feature and how to use this simplified searching option.

What is Entity Company Search?

Entity Company search is an automatically generated company suggestion based on the text you have typed into Explore. The entity combines the company name, associated social media accounts, stock tickers, and visual content such as logos, to find all relevant matches of the company.

Why Should I use Entity Company Search?

Entity company search aims to make it easier to set up Meltwater searches about a company. Now you only have to type the name of the company you wish to search for, rather than needing multiple ANDs and ORs. In addition, you will see suggestions for companies as we have a huge database of companies loaded and ready for you to search.

How to create a Entity Company Search

  1. Create a Keyword Search in Explore

  2. Type the company name and a new dropdown will appear that provides company suggestions that match the entered text.

    1. You will see this in three places:

      1. Explore homepage

      2. Keyword search in Explore

      3. Universal Search bar on the Meltwater homepage

    2. The entity suggestion is dynamic, updating with each new character typed.

  3. To select an entity, simply click it. The entity will then appear in the appropriate box with a building icon next to it. This is to help differentiate it as a company entity vs a typical keyword.


What if the company I’m looking for does not appear as an option?

There is a built-in feedback flow for you to fill out.


Clicking the Provide Feedback link opens a Google form for you to complete.

How does this work?

When an entity is loaded, and the search is launched, a query is automatically generated that combines the company name, social media handles, stock tickers, and visual content (i.e. company logo) to find all relevant matches of the company.

You will not be able to access the actual boolean of the query.

The Entity Company search connects the most extensive knowledge graph in the industry—over 14M companies across 194 countries—with the most comprehensive set of owned and earned editorial, social, and broadcast data. This improves search accuracy and provides expert-level search results.. With company search, testing shows that search results are 52% more precise for company names that are also commonly-used words, such as Apple, Square, and Amazon, and additionally include content where the company logo is present, without a text mention.

Please note: this tool is restricted to documents that are in English only. Support for additional languages is currently in development.

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