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The New York Times has been added as a news source for all Meltwater customers

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Meltwater is proud to announce a new partnership with The New York Times! Meltwater is now the only media monitoring company with direct partnerships with The New York Times, and The Associated Press.

The New York Times has been added to Meltwater and made available to all of our customers globally starting December 1, 2021.

It is automatically included under the News source type for searches. Any saved searches that include News, will now also include The New York Times from December 1, onwards.

You can use Custom Source Selections, sub filtering, or boolean, to isolate The New York Times individually, if you choose.

Custom Selections:

Search for The New York Times under Source name. Select the plus (+) to include New York Time articles, and minus (-) to exclude them.

Sub Filtering:

Boolean: site:""

Every New York Times article will click through to the full text, with a direct link to Simply click on the article title directly in Meltwater.

You can use these articles in reports and newsletters, which will also open up to full-text articles, even for non-Meltwater users. Results can even be used to power Slack and Microsoft Teams alerts via our API.

Trouble viewing New York Times articles?

  • I can't see any articles older than December 1, 2021. - New York Times articles are only available from December 1, 2021, onward.

  • I had custom selections already created, but they don't show New York Times articles. - You should edit your custom selection, and update to include the Source name filter to include The New York Times.

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