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Best Practices - Explore: Writing Searches
Best Practices - Explore: Writing Searches

Learn best practices for writing Brand Boolean Searches in Explore

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A brand search can be a search for your own brand, an additional brand at a company, or a competitive brand.

Before building your query you should research a few items about the brand:

  • Brand website

  • Social channels

  • Hashtags to include

Expert Tip: As a best practice a brand search should include the recommended boolean categories. If you are creating a comparison search be sure to use the same categories in each search query.

Boolean Categories:

Brand Name

  • Include brand name and variations on the brand name. Abbreviations, acronyms, unofficial names, nicknames, slang, etc. should all be included. If the brand name has any translations for other languages or is under another name in other areas of the world, be sure to use those as well.

    • ("Coca Cola" OR Coca-Cola OR Coca_Cola OR Coke)


  • Include unique brand-sponsored hashtags. These can usually be found in a Twitter or Instagram bio, as well as in owned published content

    • (#cocacola OR #coke)


  • Include content from the Twitter handle and @ mentions. If your organization has multiple social channel profiles across different geographies, you may wish to include them.

    • (from:CocaCola OR from:CocaColaMxOR @CocaCola OR @CocaColaMx)


  • Include the Instagram handle. You can also track individual hashtags on Instagram.

    • (handle:"cocacola" OR handle:"cocacolamx")

    • Remember to add your Instagram handles and hashtags in Social Connections -> Monitored Connections to capture this data - Learn More



  • Include the YouTube channel. Just like Facebook, you will need to find the specific YouTube Channel ID.

    • (channelid:UCosXctaTYxN4YPIvI5Fpcrw)

Company Website

  • Include the organization’s website as both a "site" and a "containslinks". If applicable, you will be able to capture content that is published to the website (like blog posts) as well as any tweets that link back to the site:

Common Words

  • Sometimes your organization name may be a common word ("Monster", for example), which can result in a high volume of false-positive results when searching on social media. If the brand name is very noisy utilize the NEAR or AND operators to include a statement of commonly used terms associated with the brand.

    • For example, most social posts won’t explicitly state “Monster Energy Drink” so higher quality content would be returned by incorporating a NEAR statement with keywords related to flavor, drinking, and purchasing:

      • Monster NEAR/2 (chug OR chugged OR chugging OR drank OR drink OR drinking OR drunk OR gulp OR gulped OR gulping OR guzzle OR guzzled OR guzzling OR imbibe OR imbibed OR imbibing OR ingest OR ingested OR ingesting OR sip OR sipped OR sipping OR swallow OR swallowed OR swallowing OR swig OR swigged OR bev OR beverage OR beverages OR bevvie OR bottle OR bottled OR liter OR "flavor" OR "flavored" OR "flavoring" OR "flavour" OR "flavoured" OR "flavouring" OR "taste" OR "tasted" OR "tastes" OR "tasting" OR "yum" OR "yumm" OR "yummy" OR "cheap" OR "expensive" OR "pricey" OR "pricy" OR "purchase" OR "purchased" OR "purchasing" OR "calorie" OR "calories" OR "diet" OR "dieted" OR "dieting" OR java OR "coca cola" OR "coca-cola" OR "cocacola" OR "coke" OR "zero ultra" OR "ultra blue" OR "ultra red" OR "ultra sunrise" OR "ultra black" OR "ultra violet" OR "ultra paradise" OR "ultra fiesta" OR "ultra rosá" OR "java monster" OR "mean bean" OR "loca moca" OR "kona blend" OR "irish blend" OR "vanilla light" OR "salted carmel" OR "swiss chocolate" OR "farmers oats" OR "300 mocha" OR "300 french vanilla" OR khaos OR "pipeline punch" OR "mango loco" OR "pacific punch" OR "manic melon" OR "zero sugar" OR "blue ice" OR "purple passion" OR "tropical thunder" OR "hydro super sport red dawg" OR "hydro super sport blue streak" OR "raspberry tea+energy" OR "peach tea + energy" OR "tea+orangeade+energy" OR "tea+lemonade+energy" OR "super dry" OR "rad red" OR "mango matic" OR "dragon tea" OR "green tea" OR "yerba mate" OR "white tea")

Protip: Be sure to include all of the above options in your search, separating each section with an OR operator. It would look something like this:

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