Newsfeed 2.0 Design Capabilities
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Below you will find templates of our newsfeed 2.0 design capabilities. These templates are designed to show you a rough estimate of what your newsfeed could look like, but there may be customizations available such as color and font.

In addition to the standard fields you may expect to see on a newsfeed, such as a headline and image, you also have the ability to show

  • Headline

  • Publication

  • Hit sentence

  • Article image (keep in mind not all articles come with images)

  • Publish date

  • Author

  • Content-type (news or social)

  • Social channel icon

With our Newsfeed 2.0 you can see analytics (limited to social documents) through Google Analytics.

**Meltwater has 2 different types of Newsfeeds. Please confirm the type of newsfeed you have purchased prior to deciding on a design template.
If you have a Newsfeed 1.0, check out our design capabilities descriptions here.

Newsfeed 2.0

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