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How to use Calendar in Meltwater Engage
How to use Calendar in Meltwater Engage
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The Publish tab is where you will find the Calendar of your outgoing owned posts in Engage. From the Calendar view, you can easily identify potential gaps in your content calendar. You can edit/schedule drafts, duplicate and copy posts, and review multi-media attachments.

To learn how to publish content in Engage, check out this dedicated article.

Calendar View

The Calendar view shows you all of your scheduled drafts, scheduled posts, published posts, failed posts, pending posts, and mobile posts. Check out the advanced options below available in calendar view:

Filter Options

Along the top toolbar within the calendar you have multiple filter options.

Filter by Social Profile:

Use the account picker to select the handles you would like to see, it will default to all handles selected.

Filter by Content:

Use the Content drop down to filter the posts by All, Approved, Assigned, Assigned to me, Rejected, Unassigned.

Filter by Tags:

Use the filter drop down to select the tag(s) of the post you would like to view.

Calendar View

The calendar will default to the week view in the timezone set in your profile settings, but you can easily view your calendar in monthly or stacked view.

Stacked view offers a more compact view of all posts each day, by removing hour blocks on the calendar and instead putting everything in chronological order.


You can download the calendar content (posts) into a CSV file. Select "Download" and open the file once ready.

Post Options

If the post is in draft or scheduled you can Delete, Duplicate or Edit the post directly from the post within the calendar.

If the post has been published, failed or pending you have the option to duplicate the post.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop calendar content to schedule/reschedule.

Post Status

You can easily identify the state of a post based on the color in the heading of the post. A legend at the bottom of the calendar identifies each color.

This tool bar also doubles as a filter on the calendar for content by status. Simply click on the icon.

Selecting a Post

Selecting a post will show you the Post Details, where you can review the status, content, and tags. You can also see the details of the post, such as when it was created and by who. For scheduled posts and drafts, you can delete or edit the message.


The calendar features a workbench slide-out for actioning drafts and approving posts. This slide-out is found on the far left hand side of the calendar.


You will find all unscheduled drafts under "Drafts". From here you have the option to edit the draft or you can use the drag and drop feature to schedule the draft directly on the calendar.


This is where you will find any post that have been assigned to you for approval or if changes needed.

Needs Changes

If a post has been rejected and/or there has been a status change to your assigned post - the post will appear here.

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