Welcome to your go-to-guide on sharing your incoming social media posts through assignments to your team!

By assigning posts you've received to your social media profiles, you can make sure the right teammate is notified of and responds to incoming Conversations.

How to assign a post

Before assigning your social post, make sure your intended reviewer is listed as a user within your Meltwater Engage set up. You can see your list of users via Account > Manage Users.

  • Select Engage from the left-hand side navigation bar

  • Within Conversations, identify the post you'd like to assign to a teammate

  • You can either hover over the post within the content stream on the left or open the relevant post to load on the right, then select the three-dot menu

  • From the dropdown list select Assign

  • Select your reviewer from the drop-down list and add a note to be emailed with the assignment

  • Select Apply to submit assignment and email the social post to the reviewer

Once a conversation has been assigned, this will be indicated above the message in the content stream and below the comment or reply in the message details pane.

How to action a post you've been assigned

As a reviewer, you'll receive email notifications when you have been assigned a social media post and any notes added by your team member.

To review and action your assignment:

  • Select View assignment at the bottom of your email.

  • The conversation assigned to you will load within Conversations in Engage.

You can also change assignment for the post's approval via the three-dot menu. Once you've selected another assignee to review the content, they will receive an email and can follow the above steps to submit their approval.

View all assigned and unassigned posts

It is easy to see all content assigned, assigned to you, or unassigned. Select the "content" drop-down from the filter bar and select one of the three options.

While conversations can be assigned, this does not restrict who can respond to the comment or reply.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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