How to use Outreach Templates for Sending Press Releases in Media Relations

Use templates in order to reproducibly send formatted outreach for your campaigns in Media Relations.

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Welcome to your go-to-guide on templates for your Outreach releases. This article walks you through the process of creating and using your press release templates to help ensure your branding is consistent and formatting is accurate across the board.

Before formatting a template or Outreach, we recommend reading through our Tips and Tricks for Formatting a Better Press Release.

Create a new Template

  • Go to Media Relations from the lefthand side navigation bar

  • Select the Outreach tab

  • Select Actions for a dropdown list of options, select Create Template

  • Give your template a name

  • Your template design can be customized within the editing box with the same built-in features available when sending your release.
    If you have an existing press release design saved in a document you can copy and paste it into the editing box
    Advanced formatting can be done via HTML under the <> Source Code

  • Once you've finished editing your template, select preview and enter your email address to send yourself a copy to review the formatting within your email clients, such as Gmail or Outlook

  • Select Save in the bottom right corner to finalize your design

If you'd like assistance in formatting your press release template or design, please reach out to our team via Live Chat.

Submit an existing Template

If you have a template you've already been using within Outreach or that has been designed for you, you can reach out to our Support team for assistance converting this to a saved template.

To request assistance, email the following details to

1. name for the new template

2. attachment of the template design in an editable format (e.g. word doc, separate images for banners, etc) or the name of the template currently within Outreach

Manage your templates

All saved templates can be accessed under the “Templates” section of the Outreach tab. You can save up to 50 templates.

From here you can edit, delete, or duplicate a template. You can also create new Outreach from the template. This will load the Outreach editor with your template, where you can input your pitch copy and make additional edits.

When crafting outreaches from scratch you can also select a template from the drop-down at the top of the editor.

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