Getting Started with Impact Pro Reports
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Meltwater Impact Pro Reports help you measure and communicate the full editorial and social impact of a news story, competitor announcement, press release, or any content with a URL.

This article will cover:

Creating an Impact Pro Report

  1. Select Sign-in in the top right corner.

  2. Select the purple + icon at the bottom of the page

  3. A pop-up will appear. Enter a report Name and the Press Release URL you are looking to run the report on

  4. Select a Collection Period

    1. The collection period is the number of days the report will keep looking for new results. This will always start from the date at which the source URL (the inputted URL link) was published. Example: If the story associated with the URL was published on January 25th and you select the 5-day Collection Period, results will continue to pull in through January 30th

  5. Check the box next to Pro report

  6. Select Continue

  7. Confirm the information entered is correct

  8. Select Search

  9. The report will now fetch the data from the URL link you've provided. This may take up to a minute

Sharing Your Impact Report

Once you've finalized your report, it can be shared with others without the need for them to log into Meltwater. To share your report follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Kebab Menu in the bottom right-hand corner

  2. Select Share

  3. Select how or where you want to share your report

Note: All impact reports are viewed online so we recommend using the 'copy link' option if you are incorporating your report into an email or presentation. Viewers of the report are prompted to sign in for free, to view the report.

Available Insights


See the results of the story’s impact at a glance. The Summary will include:

  • News Hits: the number of news articles covering the story

  • Potential Reach: the number of readers the story reached

  • Social Shares: social media shares of the article or related news articles

Impact Trend

Understand how both news and social coverage around this story fluctuated

Social Shares

Track how the story resonates across social channels

Top Locations

Identify where in the world this story got the most traction


Access the full news and X (formerly Twitter) content that occurred as a result of the story or press release

There are several ways we can refine and organize this content. Follow the below steps to either search for a particular article, refine the content, add additional content, or sort the content:

  1. Select Browse Content found at the bottom of the Content section

  2. Above your content stream is the following group of quick tools icons:

Search: Quickly identify an article that has filtered into the results via a search term

Similarity: Refine the percentage of similarity the collected content needs to match with your original article

  • Drag the slide bar to increase the similarity percentage match. The default minimum similarity score is 60%. This means the body of text in your article must match at least 60% of the text within collected articles

Add hit: Enter an article URL link to be added to the results

Sort: Change the order of the displayed content by date, similarity, shares, or potential reach

Google Analytics

Better understand the web traffic your coverage generated. To connect your Google Analytics:

  • Select the Kebab Menu button in the bottom right-hand corner

  • Select Google Analytics.

    • Note: You'll need to be a user or administrator of your Google Analytics account to make this connection as it will load you into the Google login page for your Analytics.

  • Follow Google's prompts to authorize the connection

  • Select the relevant Google Analytics property that relates to your media coverage. If you'd like to review all the views on your website you may choose not to select a single property.

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