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Manage your Social Media posts in Engage with Tags

Learn how to use Tags to group your social posts and use your tags to create customised performance reports

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Welcome to your go-to-guide on tagging within Engage. The article below walks you through the process of organising both your owned social media content (Publish) and comments or replies (Conversations) with tags, and how to report on tagged posts.

Applying tags to social media content is great for campaign management, organising your content and reporting. Any of your Meltwater users can manage the tags applied allowing you to collaborate with your whole social media team.

Please note that these tags are specific to social media content within Meltwater Engage can be reviewed only within Engage. There is another type of tags within the platform which can be applied to media monitoring results and can be found under Content > Tags. Learn more about media monitoring tags within this dedicated article here.

Tagging social posts

Tags can be applied to social media posts in the following places within Engage:

  • When composing a new post, at the final step of 'Schedule and Review' select 'Add Tag'

In the Conversations:

  • From the content stream, simply select the three-dot menu to add a tag

  • Tags can also be applied through bulk selection. Select all the comments and replies to be tagged and click the tag icon

In Publish:

  • You can view tags assigned to posts in the calendar by looking at the details of a post

  • In the feed view, you can quickly edit the assigned tags

  • You can retroactively assign tags to posts that have already been scheduled or published

Review Tags

After tagging content you will be able to see the tags applied in both the content stream within Conversations and under the original message in the message details pane.

Use the Tag Filter to see the content in your tags.


Tag Reports

Within Measure, the Cross Channel Tags report allows you to select up to 10 tags to be compared. The charts included within this report are Impressions, Engagements, Clicks, and Video Views, plus a final table with a total volume per tag comparison.

This report can be shared via a downloaded PDF or CSV file, or as a Shareable Dashboard.

Note: When in Measure, there could be a couple of different reasons the tag analytics are not applying correctly to the dashboards. One reason could be a bug that we are working to fix. The other has to do with timing and the amount of data being pulled in. In both instances, please be patient and give it some time before reloading your dashboard.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

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