Monitoring Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Content

Learn what is Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and how to monitor the content.

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Singapore Press Holdings is the largest publisher in Southeast Asia and publishes the leading Singaporean newspapers. Their news content is integrated directly into the Meltwater app and available in the source selection for Singaporean businesses using Meltwater

This article will cover:

SPH Overview

The Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) content within Meltwater includes print editorial articles which are fed into News searches. This does not include articles that are syndicated from Reuters, etc. Please see the below sources for SPH Print Content:

  1. The Straits Times

  2. Lianhe Zao Bao

  3. The Business Times

  4. Berita Harian

  5. The New Paper

  6. MyPaper (English version)

  7. MyPaper (Chinese version)

  8. ShinMing Daily News

  9. Lianhe Wan Bao

Viewing SPH Content in Meltwater

If you monitor SPH content, you will be able to view the print articles as shown below:


Note: If your business isn't based in Singapore or you haven't discussed this additional tool with a Meltwater representative, SPH content will still be included in your total volume of articles but you will be unable to access the details of the article.

Some Meltwater users opt to have this removed from the content streams as they are unable to open the article, this can be done by reaching out to our team via Live Chat.

Each SPH article will be displayed as per the following:


Setting up SPH Content After My Order is Confirmed

By default, the SPH print sources are turned on. For all new queries on accessing the SPH Premium Content, please reach out to your Meltwater contact.

SPH Premium Online

As SPH also provides the online content, some premium online articles may be hidden behind paywall as shown below.


If you are monitoring SPH content, you will see these articles within your News searches.


How can I remove the SPH contents?

If you would like to remove SPH content, we can add the 'exclude terms' below in your search folder to remove these contents:

NOT metaData.provider.specifier:“sph-xcago”

How can I download the PDF?

  1. Click into the Topic of the article

  2. Click on the Download function highlighted below


Are there any trials available?

We currently do not have trials available for Singapore print content.

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