How To Create A Static Link for Your Newsletter

Learn to share your Newsletter via a URL address

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Creating a static URL link for your newsletter distributions can allow you and your readers to access the most recent newsletter using the same URL.

This can enable you to be providing the latest newsletter in more ways in than just email distributions, this could include saving the URL link as a bookmarked page, a tile on your smartphone, as a button to your intranet ... the options are endless.

Creating the URL link

The URL to access the latest distribution of a newsletter is:<CompanyID>/newsletter/<Newsletter ID>/latest

Your Company ID and Newsletter ID are unique identifiers within Meltwater and are not immediately known or obvious. Please follow the below steps to uncover both values.

The easiest way to find the company ID is to view the link of an existing distribution of a newsletter.

  • Within Share -> Newsletters, select the name of your newsletter to open the list of distributions

  • When you hover over a distribution, select the drop-down menu icon

  • Select View Newsletter

  • 1. In the top right corner, Select the Get Link icon

2. The company ID is a series of letters and numbers that show up after the "" portion of the link.


To identify the newsletter ID:

  • Within Newsletters, select the name of your newsletter to open the list of distributions

  • Go to the URL address bar, copy the series of numbers (highlighted in blue below) and letters in the browser link after the "" portion of the newsletter.


Once you have both these identifiers, you should be able to create a URL that will take newsletter recipients to the latest distribution available.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

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