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Learn to manage your latest news RSS feed on your website or intranet

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Welcome to The Newsfeed! This article will help users get started with a Newsfeed and will cover the following topics:

Create a Newsfeed

  1. Within 'Share', select the Newsfeeds from the dropdown

  2. Select Create Newsfeed in the top right corner


3. Name your Newsfeed before moving on to select the content for your feed.

4. Select the desired searches and tags to add to your feed.
5. By clicking on 'update' you will be able to see the desired searches on the left-hand side. If you are happy with the selected searches or tags select 'Next' to continue.

6. Include/exclude articles by selecting or deselecting articles and Preview your Newsfeed in the left pane. Documents present in the left pane will show on your feed.


7. Edit your Settings and determine what parts of the documents will display in your feed. If you turn on 'Automatically Include New Articles' you will automatically add new documents to the feed. If you deselect 'Automatically Include New Articles' you will need to manually add additional documents via this page in the future.

8. Click on 'Done' to continue.


After you have selected 'Done,' a new window will pop up providing you with your Feed Link. This link can be shared with your intranet or website manager to be added onto your desired page.

If you would like to adjust the design template for your newsfeed, this can either be done by your website manager with the feed link or please reach out to our team via Live Chat within the Help button with the design details. Our team will customize the design using HTML within the 'Advanced' tab.

How to Access your Newsfeed Link, delete a Newsfeed or edit a Newsfeed

  • Within 'Share', select the Newsfeeds tab from the dropdown

  • Via the tick box, select the newsfeed

Within the toolbar you can:

  • Select the first icon 'Show Links' within the toolbar to load the Feed Links

  • Select the second icon 'Moderate' to update the content displayed within the feed

  • Select the Edit icon to adjust all settings within the feed

  • Select the Trash icon to delete newsfeed


How to remove an article from your Newsfeed

Please see a screen tour via this link for a step by step walk-through to removing content from your newsfeed.

  1. Within 'Share', select the Newsfeeds from the dropdown

  2. Via the tick box, select the newsfeed

  3. Select the second icon 'Moderate'

  4. Via the content stream on the righthand side, find the article to be removed. Deselect the item via the tick box

  5. Select Done to save the changes

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