Searching for Journalists and Sources by Location

Learn how to search for journalists, publications, and other media contacts using the Map and Location options.

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There are two different options for searching for a journalist or source via location - Location List and Location Map.

This article will cover:

Location List

The Location list allows you to search for journalists or publications by the location of their work address.

  1. Click the Media Relations drop-down in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Click Search

  3. Via the Filters, select Location

  4. Select List

  5. Click See All

  6. You can deep-dive into each geographic area by Country, State and then the local city. Select the arrow on the far right of each location name to further refine the results.

  7. You can select multiple locations to filter your results by clicking the check box

  8. Select Ok to update the search results on the right-hand side

Tip: If you are looking for a specific publication, use the 'Source Name' filter or update the 'I'm looking for' dropdown menu at the top of your page to 'Sources' to then search by the title of the publication.

Location Map

The Location Map can help you to drill down into locations by entering a zip or postal code, a city and state/region, or to select a designated market area (DMA).

  1. Click the Media Relations drop-down in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Click Search

  3. Via the Filters, select Location

  4. Remain on Map

Finding journalists in neighboring cities, states, and countries is simple by using the map search.

In this example, we’re interested in finding journalists who write about music in London. We may have already applied a beats filter for music, but we can move to the location filter and use the map search feature. We can type London and select the place of interest. You’ll notice that the map can be zoomed in and out, as well as panned in other directions. Make sure to apply your selection to see the results update.

Note: Your search will return results for all people within the map area. This means that for all locations pictured in the map, there can be results.

Map Search is perfect for quickly selecting multiple neighboring cities, states, or even countries.

Finding Journalists or Publications in an Unfamiliar Place

In this example, we're looking to reach the local press in the hometown of one of our students. We're unfamiliar with Ithaca, Nebraska and whether there is a relevant publication in town. We'll start by typing in the address of our student and zoom out until we have enough publications to research. This way, we'll be able to reach all the local press in the surrounding area of Ithaca, Nebraska.

Map Search eliminates the need for you to be a geography expert. No need to open extra tabs and search Google for the names of surrounding towns and cities. We've got you covered.

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