How to Add Your Own Journalists and Media Contacts to Meltwater

Import your own journalists to include in media lists.

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Successful media relations takes investment in building relationships with reporters, editors, and journalists. If you're a new user to Meltwater, you may have your most important connections saved in a spreadsheet. In this article, you'll learn how to add contacts to your Meltwater account and the following:

When to Search for your Journalists

The benefit of searching for journalists from our database over importing your own is that we update the records in our database proactively and upon request from you. Meltwater uses a combination of automated signals and media research teams to ensure journalist information is up to date.

Learn more about using the search feature within our article: How To Create And Organize Media Lists

Adding a Single Journalist

When you might want to add a journalist or media contact to your media lists and not the full journalist data, in this case using the Create a Contact option will quickly add them to your lists.

  1. Go to Media Relations via the left-hand side navigation bar

  2. Select My Contacts from the top tabs

  3. Select the Actions dropdown menu

  4. Select Add your contacts, and then select the Create a new contact manually by entering their name and contact information (a direct link here)

  5. Complete the fields for the contact

  6. Select Save

  7. While reviewing the new contact's card, select the add contact icon to add them to a new or existing media list

  8. Select Ok

How to Import a Media List

Importing existing lists from a spreadsheet is useful in cases where you have important journalists or media contacts that you want to add quickly to your account and no new research is required. Follow the same guidelines as above but select "Import contacts."

  • Choose the template that’s applicable to your country and download it.

  • Make sure that the fields in your offline media list line up with the columns in our template.

Required fields have an asterisk (*)

Please do not remove any of the existing formattings such as the brief instructions or columns you aren't filling in.

  • Copy your list into our template and save it.

  • Click “Select file” and locate the file on your computer to import it to Meltwater.

  • Type in the name of the list you want to add the imported contacts to and check the corresponding box to ensure your contacts get imported to the correct media list.

NOTE: if you create a new list - make sure to check the box before you click “Import contacts,” otherwise the import could fail

  • Click "Import contacts" to complete the process.

If your upload fails, please review the use of the template to ensure you've completed the required columns for each row of journalist details.

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