How to Request an update to Media Relations Journalists or Sources

Submit an update or additional research request for a journalist or source profile.

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Presumably, you're here because you've discovered a profile in Media Relations that needs updating. In this article, we'll show you how to request an update. You'll also learn a bit about our process for managing media updates.

Thank you for taking the time to bring the issue to our attention. Meltwater manages a database with almost 500,000 active journalists and other contacts, and its management is a full-time operation, with over 30,000 updates being processed by our teams and systems each month. We maintain the database through a set of proactive and reactive efforts. This is a challenging job, partly due to the reality that journalists change employers more frequently than ever before, and varying international data privacy legislation adds to the challenge. Our privacy notice to journalists.

We strive to keep the data as up-to-date as possible, but we acknowledge that we're not perfect. Our goal is to make it easy for you to notify us, and when you do, process your request as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you may choose to personalize a profile with a phone number or email address yourself. Learn more about profile types in Media Relations.

In this article we will walk you through the following:

How to Request an Update

Requesting to Add a Missing Journalist to Meltwater

Follow the steps below when a contact you are searching for is missing.

  1. Go to Media Relations via the left-hand side navigation bar

  2. Select Search from the navigational tabs

  3. Use the search bar to search the journalist's name

  4. If the contact is not within our database, a message saying 'We didn't find any results' will load on the page.

  5. Select the option to 'Report Missing Contact'.

  6. Complete the form and select OK

Note: To expedite this process please ensure to include enough information for us to confidently locate the correct individual. Email address, social media, and links to their content are all especially helpful. Requests for new journalists containing only a name will likely be returned as not processable.

You'll shortly be emailed updates from our Media Research team as they confirm and add this person to the database.

Requesting an Update to an Existing Meltwater Journalist Profile

Follow the steps below on how to request an update of an existing journalist:

  1. Navigate to the journalist’s full profile in Meltwater

  2. Click Actions in the top right corner, then select Submit an update

  3. Complete the form, any context you share with us will speed up the processing.

  4. Select OK

  5. You'll shortly be emailed updates from our media research team as they confirm and add this contact to the database

Similarly, you can request an update on Meltwater source profiles.

Alternatively to requesting an update - if you have the information available, you can personalize Journalist Profiles in Meltwater.

User-modified Profiles

When you personalize a profile by adding or updating contact information yourself, that profile becomes User-modified. Verified and Automated profiles can be user-modified. When a profile has the User-modified badge, it means that a user on the account has modified or added to that profile (added or overwritten some field). Meltwater will indicate which team member made the addition/edit and when, and these edits are private to your team.

Personalizing a Journalist’s Profile

Simply navigate to the journalist’s profile and click ‘edit’ on their X handle, description, or contact information.

Report Missing Source

Requesting to Add a Missing Source to Meltwater

  1. Go to Media Relations via the left-hand side navigation bar

  2. Select Search from the top tabs

  3. Switch from looking for Contacts to Sources

  4. Use the search bar to search the source's name

  5. If the source is not in our database, a message saying ‘We didn’t find any results’ will load on the page.

  6. Select the option to ‘Report Missing Source

  7. Complete the form and select OK

You'll shortly be emailed updates from our Database team as they confirm and add this source to the database.

Update Notified via Email

When your journalist, contact or members of the media email you to let you know that they’ve changed employer, their beat, are on extended leave or have retired - you can simply forward the email to The same email address can be used to forward automated bounce messages. Please note that this does not apply to your privately imported contacts.


Meltwater's Processes

When you submit media update requests our team will process them within 4 business days, and you will receive an email to confirm that we have received the request. Once completed, you will receive another email from us to inform you of the outcome. Check your spam folder, if necessary.

Privacy Concerns Play a Significant Role in Our Process

Meltwater has adopted a consent-based approach to collecting data from people in several markets. Acquiring consent has the potential of extending our processing time beyond 4 days, and a successful outcome is dependent on the contact's willingness to provide consent. We only require consent from German journalists.

When Consent Applies

Some markets (e.g. Germany) have strict privacy legislation and require consent from journalists before we can make changes to their profiles or add new profiles. We also seek consent before adding personal email addresses and phone numbers (yes, occasionally we do receive requests for that). Consent also applies when people that have previously opted out of our database are requested to be added back in by our customers.

You can Prevent Spam: Playing your Part in the PR Ecosystem

PR spam is a real problem, and some journalists are reserving the right not to be contacted. We respect their decision by unsubscribing them from specific accounts that triggered complaints (you’ll see an “unsubscribed” badge next to their name) or removing their contact information from our database entirely when they request that. Any emails sent to reporters that have unsubscribed will be automatically blocked.

As a PR professional you can, and should do, your part by thoughtfully targeting contacts with personalized pitches that are directly relevant to them. Successful PR is built on empathy and trust, and poorly targeted, general email blasts are, at best, ignored.

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