Understanding the Heat Map Widget

Learn how to measure the global geographic impact of your content

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The Heat Map Widget is used in all Classic Dashboards found in the Analyze tab.

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Heat Map Overview

Meltwater provides content from thousands of sources from all over the world.

Whether your brand or topic of interest has a global impact or not, we provide you with the tools to quickly understand where the conversations are happening.

Say you have a product launch. Your PR team pitches a number of key influencers in advance, and you issue a global wire distribution. Content starts emerging, and your social media team jumps in to promote further discussion. Use the Heat Map to determine which markets are gaining traction and where further effort is needed.


Using the Heat Map in Your Classic Dashboard

The Heat Map is a widget you can add to a Classic Dashboard. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click Analyze in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Open an existing dashboard

  3. Or create a new Classic Dashboard. To do so:

    1. Click Get started

    2. Navigate to Classic Dashboard

    3. Select Create

  4. Once in your Classic Dashboard, click Add Widget in the top right-hand corner

  5. Click Heat Map

  6. Select Add to Dashboard

  7. In your dashboard, a slide-out will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

  8. Select and Explore Search

  9. Click Save

Sub-Region Breakdown

For some countries, we expose data granularity down to sub-regions (e.g. states for the US and Australia). This will highlight each state in the region based on the publications your media coverage featured within.

When viewing a world map, click to open a full-page view of the widget. Then, you can drill down into countries that support sub-regions.

To include a sub-region Heat Map on your dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add Widget

  2. Click Heat Map

  3. Select Add to Dashboard

  4. In the slide-out, navigate to Maps

  5. Select the drop-down

  6. Under Detailed Country Maps, select one of the countries in which sub-regions are available for

  7. Select Save


Note: Sub-region Heat Maps will not include figures for nationwide publications as they are not associated with a specific state or sub-region.

This means that when you look at a map of North America, including 1,000 mentions of your brand, many of these mentions will not map to a state. When you click on the US, you’ll see a map of the US load where data is broken out by state. All of the 1,000 articles will be displayed in the content stream below the map, but if you add up all the mentions per state, you’ll end up with a subset of 1,000 because the mentions from sources classified as “national” do not map to a specific state.

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