How to build an Audience Insights Report from Explore

Understand your social media audience through reporting

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Welcome to our guide for creating Audience Insights Report directly from Explore!

Audience Insights Reports offer an in-depth and interactive social media audience profiling solution, with a deep dive into your different community segments. Truly understand what resonates with them by discovering their demographics and consumer habits, as well as the individuals and media outlets that are influential over each group.

Generating an Audience Report

Before getting started with your Audience Insights Report, ensure you have a saved social media search within Explore. Check out our Get Started with Explore article for a step by step guide on creating new searches

How to create an Audience Report

  • Select Explore from the left-hand side navigation bar

  • Select the search name of your desired social media search to open the folder

  • Click the purple Actions button in the top right-hand corner (If you do not see this button, check your user settings)

  • Select Create Audience Report. At this point, the Twitter results returned in your search will be sent to Audiense (there is no need to filter by Twitter)

  • You'll be automatically redirected to an Audience login page. Enter your Audience login details. If you don't currently have login details, please reach out to your Meltwater Account Management or to our Support team via Live Chat who'll direct your request.


Note: If you have already logged in that day, you will not be directed to a login page. You will be directed straight to the report generation page, see below.

  • Confirm the Search name and date range for your report. If you adjust the date range within Audiense, it will update the data sent from Explore to match the new date range. You cannot set the end date in the future. It must be set to the current date for the report to generate effectively.

  • Click Next

  • Select Launch to generate your report

  • Your report will be sent to your email address for viewing and can be accessed from your Audiense account.


Note: for assistance with uploading your audience containing Twitter handles, view this article.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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