Insights into the potential reach of social media posts can help you to further analyze the audience impact of the posts you're tracking.

The Reach metric will be available for 3 social sources: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and the metric is not normalized across these different social sources but specific to each of them.

This metric is also defined at the time we track the document and add it into your search results, as a result, this value is static on each post.

How to sort your results by Social Reach


The Reach value is sourced from the number of likes on the Facebook Page.


The Reach value is sourced from the author of the post's number of followers.

You may see Tweets which don't have reach values when first creating a search, this is because reach values are assigned to subscription-based tweets only. A Twitter subscription is created each time you save or update a Social search that includes Twitter as a source. From that moment on we pull in all tweets that match that query. When running an ad hoc search or first creating a new search, the sample tweets displayed in the results don't have a subscription yet.


The Reach value is sourced from the number of views when the content is collected by our tracking.

YouTube videos are crawled within 6 hours of the content being published, this timeframe is in place as YouTube scrubs their content to remove videos with copyright issues and other content that is deemed inappropriate. Once the new content is crawled, it is added to your search results and the view count is added to the reach value.


The Reach value is sourced from the number of subscribers to the subreddit.

How to sort your results by Social Reach

You are now able to sort the content stream by the Reach value to easily identify which posts have the biggest audience in your search results.

  • Review your social media posts within a Content Stream.

  • Select the Sort dropdown list

  • Select Reach


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