How Do I Share Articles?

Learn how to email or download articles, as well as share to social media

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Whether you are sharing articles internally or to your social channels, you can manage all your dissemination of content within the platform. Please select where you are sharing content from within the system to get started:

Share via Email

To share documents from your desktop platform via email:

  1. Open a content stream with the articles

  2. Select the articles via the tick boxes. You can select up to 100 documents to be shared within one email

  3. Select the Share icon

  4. The following fields must be completed within the Share Documents form:

  • Recipients Email - This will load with a boxed outline once entered and multiple addresses will need to be added separately with their own boxed outline

  • Subject Line

*If you are emailing the Share Documents to the same email address as in the 'From:' field, we recommend selecting Use default Meltwater email address to avoid spoofing.

5. Select Send

Troubleshooting Share via Email

There are a few areas to check if you haven't been able to select the Send button:

  • Ensure the Recipient and Subject Line fields are completed

  • Check that the content you've selected is compatible with the sharing feature. If the articles you've selected are greyed out within the Share Documents pop-up this indicated they can not be shared. To find out more about why your specific article can't be shared, please reach out to our team with the article's details via Live Chat within the Help button in the platform.

If you have shared the email but it hasn't reached the recipient's address:

  • This may have been blocked by the recipient's email server or spam filters. Using the button to Use default Meltwater email address can help to avoid this

Share to Social Media

Sharing a document from the platform directly to your social media channels is available for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Each social channel will prompt you to log into the native platform and then follow the prompts to publish the article to a Page You Manage, such as your business profile.

  1. Hover over the article

  2. Select the ellipses to load the menu

  3. Select the Post To option for your social channel

  4. Follow the prompts within the native social media channel

Share via Newsletter or Newsfeed

Within the 'Share' tab within the lefthand side navigation, the Newsletter and Newsfeed are additional tools to assist with disseminating your content to important stakeholders.

To learn more about sharing documents via your branded Newsletter, please review our Get Started with Newsletter article here.

To learn more about sharing articles to your website or internet via your Newsfeed, please review our Get Started with Newsfeed article here.

Share via Mobile App

When reviewing articles within your mobile app, you can also share these on the go with others outside of users of Meltwater via the share icon on each document card. Sharing options include email, text and all networks or apps installed on your phone.


Share via exporting content to Excel

If you prefer to export your content to an excel spreadsheet that can then be shared, check out the steps below: take a look at this article

  1. Within Monitor or Explore, load the articles you'd like to export

  2. Via the tick box, select the articles. If you have used the 'tick all' option and have more than 25 articles in your list, please note the alert with a prompt to 'Select all'.

  3. From the quick toolbar, select the Export icon

  4. An Excel report will then be emailed to the address you used to log into the platform AND you will be notified 'Alerts' where you can download the report

To learn more about Exporting Content, check out this article.

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