Curious about the assigned sentiment of an article or mention? Read below to learn more about how to measure sentiment:


Sentiment shows the overall tonality of any given article. This provides a look at each document and boils the article's tone into either positive, negative, or neutral derived from our natural language processing algorithms. It helps give context to the article and, holistically, provides an overview as to the tone of your search, your brand, or relevant topics to you.

Pro Tip Meltwater supports nearly 20 languages that we can determine a sentiment for.

Sentiment Override

With Sentiment Override you have the ability to assign or change a sentiment assessment of a document.

  • Select the current sentiment on the document

  • Assign Positive, Neutral, Negative or Not Rated from the dropdown menu


If the document has duplicate articles, a pop-up window asking 'Apply to All Documents?' will appear. Make your selection to either apply the rating to the grouped articles or to just one selected article.

Once you have assigned a new sentiment rating, the sentiment icon will no longer be hollow.

*Important Notes:

  • Sentiment changes are made at the account level and widgets and Excel exports reflect the changes.

  • Sentiment changes can be reset by clicking on the sentiment icon.

Bulk Sentiment Override

Users can now override sentiment in the content stream with bulk selection instead of overriding each document one-by-one.

  • Select documents in the content stream (max. 500 documents at one time for this feature)

  • Click the sentiment emoticon (happy face) in the content stream's action bar

  • Select the sentiment you wish to change all the documents to or reset the sentiment back to its original sentiment analysis

Note: if you select more than 500 documents or select the "select all" box at the top of the content stream and click "select all total results" the sentiment emoticon will disappear as no more than 500 documents can be changed at once.

Reporting on Sentiment

Within Dashboards there are two widgets which can help to understand the overall tonality of a group of articles, these are named 'Sentiment' and 'Sentiment Score'.

To get started with a reporting dashboard in the Meltwater platform, please see this screen tour here.

Sentiment - This provides a look into the volume of documents assigned a tonality score of positive, negative, or neutral. It helps give context to the article and, holistically, provides an overview as to the tone of your search, your brand, or relevant topics to you. This graph can be displayed in the following chart types: donut (as seen below), line graph, solid bar or pie.

Sentiment Score - It sums the percent of positive articles against the negative articles, ignoring 'neutral' articles.

Pro Tip If half of your articles are positive, and the other half are negative, expect a score of '0'. Whereas if all are positive, expect a score of '+100'.


Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

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