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Optimize your brand media monitoring using more advanced Boolean techniques

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Before honing in on search results tailored to your brand, we suggest taking a moment to get to know the platform's Explore feature. This step is crucial before diving into the use of advanced Boolean operators. Learn more about Getting Started with Explore.

It can be frustrating to create searches for well-known brands. There is simply so much content being created. Below are techniques that can be used individually or combined into the same search.

This article will cover:

Keyword Frequency

By using the keyword frequency syntax you can restrict the search results to articles that feature your brand (or topic of interest). This is done by specifying the number of times the keyword must appear in the body of the text in order for them to be included in our results.

Example: Apple{3,} means that Apple needs to be mentioned at least 3 times in an article to be included in our results.

The higher the number we apply, the more likely the article is to be about Apple. Try it and see how it works for you!

Below is a complete overview of the options available for keyword frequency:

  • Apple{3,} any content where Apple occurs at least 3 times.

  • Apple{5} any content where Apple occurs exactly 5 times.

  • Apple{,2} any content where Apple occurs no more than 2 times

  • Apple{4,10} any content where Apple occurs at least 4 but no more than 10 times.

Title Search

When a brand name is mentioned in the title of an article, the content is likely about the brand you are searching for. Therefore a title search is a really effective technique to ensure highly relevant results. Go ahead and try this one for your company or a competitor that gets a ton of press.


Note: We have to use quotation marks around the keyword when using title search syntax. Also, keep in mind that using a title search has a downside - we might exclude content that we want from our results. It should, therefore, be used where relevance trumps recall (the need to include all results).

Ingress Search

Ingress search will constrain results to those where a certain keyword is in the opening text of the article. If the brand name is mentioned early, the article is likely about the brand. Ingress search works the same way as a title search. The only difference is that it’s slightly less restrictive, given the brevity of a title.


Go ahead and try these techniques out and see if you find them helpful. You can also use Boolean operators to combine these techniques.

title:”Apple” OR ingress:”Apple” OR Apple{3,}

Learn more about the Complete Boolean Library

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