User Guide: LinkedIn Data and Insights in Explore

This user guide details how to connect and use LinkedIn Data and Insights in Meltwater Explore

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This user guide is meant to help you connect and use the LinkedIn integration for Data and Insights in Meltwater Explore.

Before You Begin

Before you connect your LinkedIn account to Meltwater, it is essential to verify that you are an administrator of a LinkedIn company page. Additional setup may be required within your LinkedIn account to grant proper permission. These settings cannot be verified or updated by Meltwater, so we suggest you contact your company's LinkedIn Administrator to assist with ascertaining and editing permissions as needed. Without proper permissions, your LinkedIn connection will not work.

Authenticating your LinkedIn Account in Meltwater

  • Start by navigating to Account in the left-hand navigation and selecting Social Connections.

  • Under Monitored Connections, scroll down to the third option: LinkedIn authentication

  • Select Add Account under the LinkedIn section.

  • Log in with your LinkedIn account credentials.

Note: You will be asked to log into your personal LinkedIn account used to manage your business page. Adding your individual profile only authorizes social listening and does not include any publishing or monitoring of individual data.

  • This will prompt you to log in with your personal LinkedIn profile which is connected to your business profiles.

  • After logging in with your personal LinkedIn credentials an authorized message will be shown. Select Allow.

  • Select the page you would like to connect and click Save.

Once your page is connected, it will be displayed on the Social Connections page. Please note the expiry date when the profile will need to be reauthenticated for continued functionality. For security, LinkedIn connections to Meltwater last for 1 year (365 days).

When a LinkedIn connection is about to expire, you will receive multiple in-app and email alerts. Alerts are sent 10 days, and 1 day before the expiration date, as well as on the day of expiration. You may renew your connection at any time before expiration.

Adding Keywords for LinkedIn Monitoring

After connecting your LinkedIn account to Meltwater, you'll need to identify and define the keywords you wish to monitor.

You can monitor up to 10 keywords per authenticated LinkedIn user within Meltwater (ex. 5 users x 10 keywords = 50 monitored keywords). However, when setting keywords on LinkedIn, remember you can only use up to 3 words for each keyword. It may seem simple, but there's more going on behind the scenes. LinkedIn uses something called CNF notation to understand your keywords.

Let's break it down: if you have three one-word keywords like "cat," "dog," and "bird," LinkedIn understands it as "cat or dog or bird." But if you include a two-word keyword like "big cat," it becomes more complex. LinkedIn interprets it as "cat or dog or (big and cat)." This complexity grows exponentially with each multi-word keyword.

So, while one or two multi-word keywords may be okay, using mostly multi-word keywords can hit LinkedIn's limit sooner. This is why it's important to keep your keywords simple and concise.

Note: The results we get from LinkedIn are sampled, which means you will not see all of the posts containing the keywords you chose.

To add LinkedIn Keywords, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the plus + symbol under the Keywords column.

2. In the corresponding pop-up, separately enter the keyword(s) you wish to monitor, and click Add.

  • You can see how many keywords you currently are tracking from the Social Connections page, and may edit this list of keywords at any time, by adding new keywords or by clicking the trashcan beside a keyword to remove it.

Suggestions for the types of keywords you might want to monitor:

  • Your brand name

  • Campaigns

  • Ambassadors

  • Competitors

  • Industry topics

Keywords begin tracking on a go-forward basis. Meaning, that they won't start tracking until you enter them, and no backdate is available. So add your keywords in as early as possible.


Make sure that all the keywords you add are also included in your search terms to be sure that you are seeing all the content being pulled in from LinkedIn. Whenever you need to add additional keywords you will need to do so in both Social Connections and your search.

Note: Currently, LinkedIn only supports English characters for keywords. Additionally, avoid using filler words like an, and, the, etc.

Using LinkedIn as a Source in Explore

Within Explore, LinkedIn results will automatically appear alongside all other sources, unless otherwise specified.

LinkedIn does appear as its own source under the Source Type filter.

LinkedIn results are indicated in the content stream via the LinkedIn logo.

The monitored keyword appearing in each result will be highlighted in pink, and also included in the bottom-left of the result.

Due to privacy restrictions of user data provided by LinkedIn, demographic data, including usernames, will not be included in the results.

The other tabs and widgets in Explore will function as expected, given their limitations per channel.

LinkedIn results will be included in other applicable areas of Meltwater, including:

  • Monitor

  • Dashboards

  • Smart Alerts, including integrations

  • Newsletter

  • Reports: Digest and Social Insights

  • Meltwater Mobile App

Note: All rolling LinkedIn content is available for 90 days.

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