Klear: An Influencer's Perspective

Better understand the influencer's experience when signing up for a campaign.

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Are you curious what the Influencer's experience is when they sign up for your campaign and connect their Instagram account to Klear? This article will take you through the influencer's process step by step - helping to keep you better informed!

Step 1: Receive an Email Invite

First, the influencer will receive your personalized email directly to their inbox with your brand name as the sender.

At the bottom of the email, the influencer will be prompted to select "View The Brief". After selecting "View The Brief" the influencer will see your labeled white landing page offering access to your campaign brief.

Please note: You are only able to see the brief. In order to see all details you will need to create an account by "Join This Campaign".

Step 2: Create an Account

In order to view campaign details, influencers will be asked to create a Klear account, and follow the requirements you defined.

This will allow you to send direct messages on the platform and gather 1st party demographics.

Step 3: View the Brief

Now the influencer has full access to the campaign they can view the brief and gain a complete understanding of your campaign objectives and requirements. Under "Brief" the influencer can find the campaign overview, deliverables, mentions, key messages, Do's & Don't, etc..

Step 4: Instagram Authentication

After creating a Klear account an influencer will receive an overview of the campaign and participation requirements from their brand partner. Typically influencers/creators are required to connect their Instagram Creator/Business account that is associated with their Facebook page. This enables the sharing of campaign stories, posts, and insights.

After connecting their Instagram Creator account this will allow you to capture Instagram stories stats.

There is an in app video guide directing the influencer through each authentication step.

Note: Klear's app is authorized by Facebook and we do not have access to any login credentials or private information.

The Messaging Tab

The Messaging Tab allows the influencer to see what steps you have taken in the campaign process. You will also be able to see the updates. An influencer can send any messages such as questions about the campaign from this tab directly.

The Measure Tab

The measure tab allows the influencer to view their own profile, posts and analytics.

Data Privacy with Klear

  • Klear does NOT and has NO intention of keeping or storing influencers’ username and password. When connecting your IG to Klear, the influencer is simply providing authorization for Klear to collect their stories and to access demographic insights for their followers.

  • Klear is a partner of Instagram/Facebook, we are performing these measures to keep in line with the terms and conditions as set by these entities.

  • We genuinely care for influencer privacy. As such, brands do not have direct access to influencers’ stories. Influencers will need to ensure to use the relevant # as requested by partners on each story post for the content to be made available. We understand that influencers also have a private life with kids, family and friends and we certainly respect that.

  • Influencers may easily disconnect their Instagram Story connection with Klear at the end of the campaign by logging back in to Klear and clicking "disconnect." The control is always left at the hands of the influencer.

  • Data sharing for authenticated accounts is always limited to Klear verified brands. Influencers can also customize their privacy settings to limit data sharing to brands that they manually approve.

  • Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service provide additional details to demonstrate our commitment to protecting our clients' and influencers' personal information.

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