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Engage: How to use DALL-E, a ChatGPT Powered AI Image Generator
Engage: How to use DALL-E, a ChatGPT Powered AI Image Generator

Create one-of-a kind, AI-generated images in Engage via the Media Uploader in Publish, Asset Library, & Conversations.

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Use DALL-E, a ChatGPT powered AI image generator via the media uploader in publish, asset library and conversations within Engage to create one-of-a-kind images!

What is it?

A new option via the media uploader in Engage to create one-of-a-kind AI-generated images in Engage! Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, ‘DALL-E’, takes user-generated text prompts to instantly create unique images.

What's the value?

DALL-E can be an invaluable tool for you during the content creation process allowing you to do the following:

  • Create original posts that spark audience engagement - Original images, as opposed to stock ones, are more likely to drive audience engagement and positive brand associations.

  • Create compelling content at scale - Working as an extension of your team, the DALL-E image generator creates images in seconds and ultimately helps teams create compelling content at scale.

  • Save cost and speed up the creative process - Nearly 40 percent of Meltwater customers outsource content production due to limited resources and bandwidth. The DALL-E image generator helps teams save costs and speed up the creative process by keeping more of the required work in-house.

  • Unblock creative blockers and limitations - When facing a creative block, the DALL-E image generator provides needed inspiration. You no longer need to possess hard creative skills, like image design, to create unique and engaging images. By simply entering a prompt, anyone can create one-of-a-kind, engaging images.

How does it work?

DALL-E can be accessed via the Media Uploader in Publish, Asset Library, and Conversations.


  • In Publish, click the Add asset button in the compose window:

Asset Library

  • In Asset Library, click the add asset button via the library homepage or folder:


  • In conversations, click the Add button when adding a comment or reply, and then Add asset (only available for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter):

After opening the Media Uploader, DALL-E is a new option in the left-hand source selector, indicated via the Open AI logo.

  • Click the DALL-E option to open the prompt box:

  • Enter a prompt (up to 400 characters) for the image you would like generated. It can be as specific or broad as you like. Then hit Generate images.

  • DALL-E will return a maximum of nine images that meet your prompt.

  • Now, you can select the image(s) you wish to use via the check box in the top left of each image, or you can edit your original prompt via the box to the right, and select Regenerate images to get new results

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