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Radarly: How to contact our support teams
Radarly: How to contact our support teams
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Whether something on Radarly doesn't work as expected or you need some support on the best way of addressing one of your use cases, or for whatever question you might have, you can submit your requests to

Behind this address, you have both the Technical Support team and your Customer Success Manager.

When you are encountering an issue:

  • Describe clearly your issue or bug

  • Always include the link to your project and the URL to the affected dashboard

  • Add any steps or screenshots that would help the Support team better understand your problem

Support SLA (Service-Level Agreement):





Priority 1


1 hr (working hours)

< 1 Business day

Priority 2


3 hrs (working hours)

< 3 Business days

Priority 3


5 hrs (working hours)

< 8 Business days

Priority 4


8 hrs (working hours)

< 12+ Business days

Support is offered for users on business days during business hours:

  • any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, public holidays

  • business hour is any hour between 9:00 - 7:00 CET

When you have a usage question, or you need an update on a topic or a new query creation

  • Describe your project in a few sentences (background information, what is the use case, the goal, what decision this data inform)

  • Provide us with the specifics of your project:
    - what languages are needed (if it applies)
    - what is the time span of your project (start date, or time of analysis)
    - list of keywords and hashtags related to the topic (if possible and if it applies)
    - what you want to do

💡 Tip

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat or check out our Customer Community.

Find answers and get help from Meltwater Support and Community Experts.

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