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For a couple of weeks now we have been making changes to comply with YouTube’s requirements on processing and presenting data on Radarly. YouTube has been preparing this for some time to “guarantee better data governance to its users and advertisers”.

They've updated their API terms of use and these are the new requirements of YT:

  1. YouTube data must not be aggregated with other social media data

  2. YouTube data must not be processed into generic or derived metrics

  3. YouTube data posted by different channels cannot be aggregated

We’ve worked with YouTube’s compliance team to find out the best way to keep an efficient product experience (and to minimize the impact in your day to day use of Radarly).

YouTube Posts and Metrics Available on a New Page

YouTube components are going to appear on a new page of the Listening section (this means there is nothing related to YouTube available in the other pages of the Listening section).

This new page is going to be visible for all projects that monitor YouTube. It's going to be accessible through the burger menu and the dashboard’s home page.


The new page will be composed of two tabs:

  • “Analytics” - For Youtube metrics and videos

  • “Channels” - For Youtube authors

Please note that all changes are going to be implemented automatically, there are no actions required by users in projects or on queries. In case YouTube is not activated in your project, this Youtube page will not be visible.

YouTube Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab is a summary of the YouTube basic metrics. It is based on posts that matched your queries. You can view 2 metrics in this page:

  • The number of posts

  • The number of video views over time

To analyse YouTube content as before we built:

  • A chart with the number of posts over time

  • A list of the queries that have matched your posts

  • A wordcloud of the top keywords detected within titles and descriptions of the videos


Tagging remains available as before for every post but it is limited now to the custom fields since derived metrics are not allowed.


YouTube Channels tab

We also built the Channels tab which allows you to see information about authors of the posts. Like before, the YouTube channels listed here are also related to your dashboard queries.

For each author you can see:

  • The number of videos posted by the author during the selected period

  • The number of video views, likes, dislikes and comments, also for the selected period


YouTube deprecated in the Radarly Report Builder

Since YouTube can no longer be combined with other social media platforms and derived or generic metrics are not permitted, we decided to deprecate this platform in the Report builder feature.

If you have a specific analytics use case that the new YouTube section does not provide, please reach out to your Account Manager or help@linkfluence.com.

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