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Instagram has rolled out the “Creator profiles” to help popular users deal with higher numbers of followers.

Contrary to “Business profiles”, this new type of account is only available for Instagram users with specific criterias. For the moment, Facebook has not communicated the exact eligibility rules or proportion of concerned accounts.

If an account is eligible, its owner have the option to switch to “Creator profile” with the choice to opt back to business or personal profiles at their own desire.

Is it possible to detect a “Creator profile”?

For now, Facebook does not provide any ways to identify this type of account: In Instagram interface, a "Creator profile" has the same visual characteristics as a business profile* and the Facebook API does not allow explicit checking of creator profiles.

Only a call to the Facebook API combined with a visual control can determine if an account is a “Creator profile”: If an account has the visual characteristics of a “Business profile” but the Facebook API says the account is not business, it is probably a “Creator profile”.

*A “Business profile” can be visually detected on the Instagram mobile app by the activity description of the account indicated below its name. From now on, it can also indicate a “Creator profile”.


"Creator Profiles" in Radarly

Since August 13, 2019, the collection of posts from “Creator profiles” is exactly the same as for Business profiles:

  • it is possible to collect posts from a “Creator profile” by putting it in a Radarly corpus (like Business profiles).

  • Posts from “Creator profiles” can also be collected via two other ways:

    • Hashtag search

    • Mention search (= mention of an owned account connected in Radarly)

Do not forget: Instagram account types are not fixed!

  • Instagram allows the easy switch from one account type to another (Personal, Business, Creator), hence the capacity of Radarly collecting the posts of an account can change over time: for instance, if an Instagram account is set to Creator at present, it may not have been 2 months earlier (and vice versa!).

  • Before August 13, 2019, access to creator accounts was not allowed, you may only access to a portions of the posts before that date

  • Instagram API allows access to the last 25 posts for both business and creators accounts. For this reason, back-data will be limited to the last 25 posts.

Lastly, if you are the owner of an Instagram “Creator profile”, you can also use it to search hashtags:

If you connect your “Creator profile” to Radarly, you can use it to search 30 different hashtags (as with a “Business account”).

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