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Radarly Academy is moving! On December 15, 2022, Radarly Academy will be migrating to Meltwater Academy. Read more about these changes below.

What’s changing

On December 15, 2022, Linkfluence Academy will no longer be accessible and Linkfluence product training courses will be available in Meltwater Academy. Here’s how this change will impact you:

  • If you’re currently taking a learning path, please complete it by December 14, 2022, to avoid losing your progress. Completing learning paths within a week is also recommended to ensure you retain the information and skills learned!

  • On December 15, 2022, you will need to create an account for Meltwater Academy to enroll in any learning paths you haven’t completed.

  • If you’ve recently completed any learning paths on Linkfluence Academy this will be reflected in your new account.

What happens if I don’t complete a learning path before December 15, 2022?

We recommend completing an unfinished learning path before the deadline or else you will lose your progress and need to start again in Meltwater Academy. If you have recently started a learning path but have not completed it, please complete it by December 14, 2022.

Our e-learning content is designed to be taken at your own pace, however, we strongly encourage you to complete a learning path within a week of starting it. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to retain and apply your newfound knowledge and skills.

I want to start a learning path now but I don’t think I’ll finish it by the deadline. What are my options?

If you want to start a learning path now, you can join Meltwater Academy and enroll in your desired course! The content from Linkfluence Academy is already available for you to access. We’ve created a specific page dedicated to Linkfluence courses.

How do I access Meltwater Academy?

On December 15, 2022, academy links will be updated to Meltwater Academy. To begin taking courses in Meltwater Academy you must create an account. If you want to access Meltwater Academy before December 15, you can create an account now. All of Linkfluence’s content is available.

I already have access to Meltwater Academy. Is my access changing?

If you’ve already created an account for Meltwater Academy you can use the same login. If you’re a customer with Meltwater products, you can login using SSO on app.meltwater.com/home.

I’m a customer with Meltwater products. What is the best way for me to access Meltwater Academy?

If you’re a customer that has multiple Meltwater products, please log in using SSO on app.meltwater.com/home to avoid creating duplicate accounts.

Are certificates available from Meltwater Academy?

Yes! When you complete a course in Meltwater Academy, you will receive a certificate or badge. If a course contains a final exam you will receive a certificate. If a course does not contain a final exam you will receive a badge. Certificates and badges can be added to your LinkedIn profile to share with your network and promote your skills!

What is the difference between a learning path and a course?

In Linkfluence Academy there are learning paths that contain a series of chapters dedicated to specific learning objectives. In Meltwater Academy there are courses that contain a series of chapters dedicated to specific learning objectives.

Essentially, a Linkfluence Academy learning path is the same as a Meltwater Academy course.

Sometimes you will find learning paths available in Meltwater Academy. These are comprised of multiple courses that complement each other.

Can I learn at my own pace in Meltwater Academy?

Yes! Our courses are designed to be taken at your own pace. However, we recommend that you don’t wait too long to complete a course! Learners find it difficult to retain knowledge and skills learned if they pause a course for too long.

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