Klear: Manually Add TikTok Posts From Feed

Select a post directly from an Influencer’s Tik Tok Feed to add to a campaign.

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Having all content and metrics accessible from a campaign is critical for brands to track the progress and evaluate the success of their influencer campaigns. While most content is automatically captured in Klear based on your campaign set up, we know it’s not always possible for every single post. With a visual focused platform like TikTok, some Influencers prefer to limit their captions, making it harder to automatically track those posts. To streamline the process and ensure more accurate reporting for TikTok, we have introduced the “Select From Feed” manual upload option!

What’s new?

The “Select From Feed” option allows you to easily choose the relevant Tik Tok posts to add to your campaign with no need to upload any external files or type in any data! Previously, in order to manually upload a Tik Tok post, the only option was to import an Influencer’s TikTok file and fill all corresponding information (date, text, views). This new option matches our existing capabilities with Instagram uploads, and populates an influencer’s full TikTok feed for you to select your posts to include in your campaign.

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How does it work?

Open your campaign settings, scroll down, and click on the “Add Post To Campaign” button. When adding a new post, select TikTok as the Network and follow a few easy steps:

  • Under “Method” you will now see the new “Select From Feed” option.

  • Select your influencer from the drop down, and then their TikTok feed will automatically populate on the screen.

  • Scroll through the feed (or use the search bar) to find your relevant post and select the checkbox next to the post. You can also select multiple posts at a time to add to a campaign.

  • Finally, click the “add post to campaign” button at the bottom, and you’re done.

The TikTok post and metrics you manually selected will now be included in the campaign overview and available to manage in your Manual Posts section.

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