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Currently within Classic Dashboards if you are attempting to apply an Explore search to a widget, the widget may not display all content, depending on the search type selected. This is a known limitation.

In order to successfully use Explore searches within Classic Dashboards, these searches will need to be updated so the following is true:

  1. Searches saved as ‘news’ should not contain any social only filters.

  2. Searches saved as ‘social’ should not contain any news only filters.

The following is some general guidance on how widgets will behave when selecting Explore searches:

  1. When applying a ‘news’ search to an editorial widget, only editorial articles will appear, the counts will be different compared to Explore.

  2. Apply only social searches to social widgets in dashboards.

  3. For mixed type widgets:

    1. Only documents that apply to the saved search type will be displayed / counted.

      1. E.g. if the saved search type is ‘news’ and the user selects the SOV widget, only SOV will be included for editorial articles and vice versa if social is the saved search type.

Please note we are currently working on building the functionality to support Explore searches in new custom dashboards Q1. This will allow you to add any Explore search to any insight within dashboards!

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