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Understand questions behind the data-driven metrics to analyze the impact of your campaign.

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Below you will find the most common 'Measurement' related questions users have when using Klear.

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Why can't I see the Instagram stories an influencer posted using our handle?

To see an influencer’s Instagram stories, they need to authenticate their Instagram Business/ Creator account on Klear. We will only capture content posted after this has been done, and will not capture stories retroactively. Additionally, please make sure that the influencer is posting @brand mentions and #hashtags as text and not as stickers in their stories.

Does an influencer have a Business or Creator Instagram account in order to authenticate with Klear?

Yes they do. Influencers must have an Instagram business account or creator account for us to be able to collect stories and stats from their instagram content. If an influencer doesn’t have an Instagram Business/Creator account, they can easily change their profile type by updating their Instagram app settings.

If a client adds the Business Instagram account in settings are they then able to view their instagram story posts in their monitors?

Not in the monitors, but they can add themselves to a campaign and if the stories tag the hashtag or brand (@theirownaccount), the stories will be captured.

Why are there stories that aren’t being captured under the Measure tab? (tagged correctly with the hashtag and feed)

It is possible that the influencer has tagged the brand or hashtag using stickers rather than text. Alternatively, it’s possible that the influencer’s Instagram story connection has expired, which happens when there are changes to the linked account, such as setting a new password. When this happens, they will need to re-authenticate their connection.

If the influencer has approved tracking of stories for our client brand, what data do we get to see for that story?

When influencers connect their Instagram Business accounts we're currently able to pull the reach and impressions for that influencers stories and posts. Therefore, your campaign measurement in fact becomes a lot more accurate as it's no longer based on estimated reach but on the verified reach (unique views). In addition, for stories we also pull the number of direct messages an influencer receives on their stories and this is regarded as an engagement on the Klear campaign measurement.

I’ve been asked to connect my Business Instagram to my account. What does this mean and how do I connect it?

Connecting your brand’s business account will allow you to track your tagged posts, @handle mentions, stories, insights and demographics. This will enhance your campaign tracking, brand monitoring and real time notifications on Klear.

Instructions: To connect your brand’s Instagram business account, log in with the Facebook user that has access to the Facebook pages and Instagram Business accounts related to your brand.

Could you please explain the Estimated Media Value (EMV)?

One of the challenges faced by our brand and agency clients is quantifying the value generated by their influencer marketing campaigns and assessing the commercial success of their efforts through KPIs such as return on investment (ROI). Since influencer marketing is still fairly new, there is no industry-wide standard for measuring the impact of these efforts.

At Klear, we rely on the Estimated Media Value (EMV) to measure the impact of a campaign and enable our clients to quantify the ROI. The EMV metric measures the value of reach and engagement received by an influencer on a campaign. It estimates how much ad spend would be required to receive the same results with paid media buying.

When calculating EMV, we distinguish between network, type of post, type of engagement, and assign a benchmark value to each. The default metrics we apply are obtained using benchmark values from alistdaily.com. Alistdaily.com is a company that publishes benchmark data for social performance, which they compile using decades of research, expertise and AI-driven technology. These figures are updated on a quarterly basis. If your brand or agency has a paid media team internally, you also have the option to customize these EMV metrics.

In accordance with advertising standards, we also apply a factor to account for the fact that influencer marketing is considered more valuable than traditional paid media. While traditional media relies heavily on potential impressions, influencer marketing through social media channels is considered to be much more organic, authentic, and intimate.

What is the earned multiplier? Why is the default 10.52?

In accordance with advertising standards, we apply a factor in order to properly assess the value of earned content (influencer marketing) vs. paid content (traditional paid advertising on social media). Our default earned multiplier of 10.52 is based on our research which indicates that earned content is 10.52 more valuable than paid.

Our EMV multiplier of x10.52 is based on statistical research showing that on average, every $ spent on Influencer Marketing will return $12.21 while every

$ spent on display advertising will return $1.16.


The EMV multiplier is completely customizable in the campaign settings so you can change it to fit your market and industry if needed.

What is the campaign members export limit?

The only monthly export that has a limit is the campaign members export. Klear allows you to export 150% of the number of influencers you have in your campaign. What this means is that let's say you have a limit of 500 total influencers in your campaigns. Therefore we allow you to be able to export 100% of the amount of influencers you are allowed in your campaigns + an extra 50% of that amount over a 30 day period. In this case, you can export a total of 750 influencers over a 30 day period.

How are you getting the data for TikTok?

We are getting the raw data through a third party just like every other influencer marketing provider, however what's important is not how one gets the raw data, but rather what level of technology sophistication is later applied to the data to extract insights and structure it in a way that it brings value to influencer marketing professionals. And this is where Klear excels far beyond any other player.

Can Klear capture Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are captured automatically in campaigns on Klear. When an influencer posts a reel, they can select if they want it to show on their feed or not. In order for it to be captured automatically on Klear, it must be published to the feed as well. However, if the influencer doesn't post it to their profile grid - the reel can be manually added in the campaign settings.

When you manually add a reel, the metrics will come from the post itself.

How do we calculate the total engagement rate for the campaign?

It's important to know that the engagement rate differs between each social network. For example, an engagement rate that is considered high on Instagram will be different than a high engagement rate on Facebook. We take into account all engagements on all platforms when calculating the total engagement rate for a campaign.

We calculate this by taking the total number of engagements for the campaign, divide it by the total potential impressions and then multiply it by 100. This will provide you with the total engagement rate for the campaign.

How often is the campaign content updated on Klear?

It usually takes up to 24 hours to update the campaign content. If you are aware of recently posted content that hasn't yet been updated, you can always manually update the profiles in real-time.

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