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Understand questions behind creating campaign management.

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Below you will find the most common 'Management' related questions users have when using Klear.

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How do you add Influencers to a campaign?

There are two ways to add influencers to a campaign:

Visit the profile and click on the # symbol towards the top of the profile. A list of your existing campaigns will appear. Select the desired campaign or enter a new campaign name.

In the Campaigns tab, along the top is an "Import from CSV" option. Select Twitter or Instagram, compile your list of influencers by @handle and add them to your campaign. You can import a list to an existing campaign, simply make sure the campaign name matches exactly.

How can I view/edit the brief I've created?

The brief can be viewed and edited under the settings button of the campaign. When clicking this button, a window will open. Scroll down and there you'll find an option for "Edit brief." This can also be done under the Connect tab by selecting the “brief” button.

How can I set affiliate fees?

Through the Affiliate Fee column available in Manage, you can now configure affiliate fees during campaign set-up. The affiliate fee column (existing in both Manage and Measure) has the option to set fees as a fixed amount per conversion, rather than just a percentage.

To set affiliate fees in Manage, select the Stats View button to display the affiliate column. Reminder, you can only display 10 columns at a time, so this new column may not be automatically in view.

When setting fees, you’ll now see a new Fixed amount per conversion button to enter your dollar value (ex. $15) amount to determine your influencer’s compensation based on their sales performance.

Any affiliate fees that you assign in Manage will carry over to the Affiliates tab in Measure.

How do influencers sign up for Klear?

To add themselves as a registered influencer, Influencers can create their Klear profile here: https://klear.com/creators

Why is our influencer having trouble connecting with Klear?

Influencers must have a Business or Creator account on Instagram and they must have their accounts linked to Facebook. This is because Facebook is the "resource holder" and all insights and stories are actually managed by Facebook. When influencers connect their Instagram to Facebook, they will be prompted to share content with Facebook, they MUST accept and ONLY then can they go onto Klear and connect their Instagram Business/Creator accounts. Without this, the connection cannot be established. Please reach out to the influencers and address this directly with them.

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