Customizing your Facebook Audience with targeting and banned users

How to customize the audience you're publishing to and engaging with on Facebook

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Welcome to your go-to guide to using Meltwater Engage's audience features to tailor your audience engagement.

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Facebook Audience Restrictions

You can now add Audience Restrictions to Facebook posts, allowing you to target your posts by age, country, region, or city.

When composing a social post including Facebook:

  • Within the post scroll down to Facebook Audience Restrictions

  • Select Add Restrictions

  • The restriction options include

    • Age - The age options available from Facebook's API can be chosen from. Only one age minimum can be applied per post

    • Country

    • Region

    • City

  • When all restrictions have been selected, select Apply

  • Audience Restrictions can then be reviewed. Select the pencil icon to make edits and select the X icon to remove all restrictions.

Selecting a conflicting country, region, or city will clear your previous selection. For example, if you have selected the United States under country, and try to add California under region, it will clear the United States country selection.

Banning a Facebook user

This is useful if a user is spamming your page or posting hurtful content. When you ban someone, they will no longer be able to post, comment, or like anything on your page.

  • When reviewing a message from a user you'd like to ban within Conversations, select the three-dot menu next to the message

  • Select 'Ban user on Facebook'

After banning a user

This user will only be banned from the page they posted to and their previous posts, comments, and replies will be hidden. You can view this hidden content if you toggle to 'Hidden', a “banned user” message will appear next to the user's name and in the message details pane their content will be opaque.

Users can only be unbanned from the native Facebook platform

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