There are two different types of users on your account: 'Administrators' & 'Listeners'.

Administrators have access to all available features on an account and do not have any restrictions.

Listeners can view all features within the platform, but cannot create or delete anything new on their own. Listeners can create new searches, but cannot save them. You can read below for further capabilities and restrictions set for listeners.

Listener Capabilities and Restrictions


Listener users will be able to access all available features in the Inbox including:

  • Creating/editing the list of favorite inputs

  • Changing the Inbox date range

  • Selecting one or multiple articles

  • Tagging articles

  • Sharing (Email, FB, Twitter) articles

  • Changing article sentiment

  • Translate article

  • Export articles

However, Listeners will not be able to create reports from the report settings button in the Inbox.


Listeners will not be able to create new dashboards, but they will be able to set a saved dashboard as the home dashboard. Listeners also are not able to create reports via the report settings button. They will be able to invite collaborators and email the dashboard.

Listeners are not able to edit the dashboard or specific widgets.

Dashboard widgets can be expanded and all of the available functions of the content stream are able to be used. For graph widgets, Listeners are able to click on data points in the graph and change the display for viewing only. Listeners also have the ability to export dashboards as PDF, Image, Excel (Raw Data), and Excel (Analytics).


All features in Influencers are available for Listeners except for Outreach email. Listeners are not able to send emails through Outreach.


Listeners can view and create new searches but are not able to save or delete searches. A prompt will come up to save the search if a user navigates to another page, but the user will not be able to.


Listeners have access to all available features for Tags.


Listeners are able to create distributions for existing newsletters and modify existing newsfeeds.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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