Why is my campaign monitor not showing a post I know mentioned?

  1. The chosen monitor may not be providing content from that time period. It’s very important to check how far back the monitor goes. You can do this by going to the monitor tab and choosing the monitor in question. In the timeframe of the monitor, go a bit further back than the mention you are looking for. If the mentions graph doesn’t show content for the network and date in question, then that’s why the content isn’t showing in the campaign.

  2. You may have edited and saved changes to the monitor after its first creation. when that happens, the history will remain of the original keywords and hashtags, leaving only the time period from its edit and onwards providing content for the new keywords and hashtags. To test this, you can create a new Keyword Monitor for the chosen hashtag/keywords. Give it 15 minutes to gather content backward. If it provides content for the time frame we are looking for, it should then show in the campaign when you switch the campaign monitor.

  3. Depending on your plan, monitors retain a certain amount of historical data. If your content is not within the last X (x= the number of retained pieces of content) pieces of content, then it will not show up for you.

How do you calculate campaign value?

Estimated value is a tool that helps us calculate the dollar value of your campaigns. Using the same CPE (cost per engagement) and CPM (cost per 1000 views) you get on your paid campaigns we can ensure its accuracy to each of your campaigns.

Our default benchmarks are a CPM of $7.29 and CPE of $0.43.

We then multiply the sum of both for the campaign by 13. As from our research, influencer content is 13 times more valuable than paid content."

Keep in mind that all 3 of these numbers are customizable for each campaign, in the campaign settings.

If you don’t have access to the Facebook audience how do you know the true reach?

Not having the audiences profiles in Klear certainly made creating our true reach algorithm for Facebook much more complicated. That being said, using the features we do have like Engagements, Comments, Shares and all sorts of permutations on them, we’ve been able to get extremely effective results.

What is full audience data for social profiles?

Audience demographics are based on a sample size of 5k fans. In the case where you need a very granular picture of the audience, you’re able to run the demographics algorithms on their full audience instead.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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