What is Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)?

Learn how to measure the Advertising Value for your content and the alternatives

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Ad Value Equivalency is used to estimate the amount of revenue attributed to an article.

While the PR industry has a love-hate relationship with advertising values for online news content, we provide an AVE option for those who want to use the value to quantify the success of PR efforts as a monetary value.

If you're interested in recommended alternatives to reporting on AVE, please continue to Alternatives to Advertising Values within this article.

How do we calculate AVE?

The reach numbers are the unique visitors of each source based on monthly activity. This is delivered to us by our partner SimilarWeb, a leading internet technology company that provides marketing data and analytics.

The logic we use when calculating an online advertising value equivalency is :

X * 0.025 * 0.37  

X (the reach/unique visitor figure)

* .025 (standard error, assuming that 2.5% of any given audience will view a particular article on average)

* .37 (37 cents is the dollar value for each visitor). This figure can be adjusted if you want to place more or less value on each viewer.

Important Note:

  • While this is a very popular Widget among our clients, it is important to note that this is our best estimate and it does not measure an exact value.

If you would like to learn how to export content from the AVE widget and export content for reporting purposes, you can check out this article here.

AVE Widget

If you are looking for a way to measure and report on how much your media coverage is potentially worth, you can use our AVE Widget.


How to customize the AVE Widget

Within your Dashboard, the AVE widget can be further customized via the edit mode. To adjust the Chart Type, Labels, AVE Value equation or Currency please follow the below steps:

  1. Select the cog icon on the AVE graph

  2. Within the toolbar, select Chart Type and select the designed graph type.

Protip: Add data labels to the graph via Labels >On

Alternatives to Advertising Values

Leading academics in Public Relations, like Jim Grunig and David Dozier, have worked to develop metrics to analyze the quality of earned media clips which can be use as an alternative to quantitative metrics like AVE.

Here is a list of evolving metrics aimed at measuring the quality of the earned media coverage:

  • Did the mention appear in the right publication? Recommended Dashboard Widget: Top Publications

  • Was the message positive? Recommended Dashboard Widget: Sentiment

  • Did it deliver the right messages? Recommended Dashboard Widget: Trending Themes

  • Did it position the company or brand well compared to competitors? Recommended Dashboard Widget: Share of Voice

If you are interested in learning more about other metrics which can be used for reporting, please review our Overview of Dashboard Widgets article here.

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