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Mastered setting up your dashboards and want to know more about how to help transform your reports from good to great, check out our 'Marketer's Guide to Reporting' via our Resources page here.

What are Dashboards?

Dashboards provide real-time perspective into market trends and themes based off of the information you are monitoring in your searches. You can analyze your content in a single view using a collection of widgets that are organized by analytical themes.

To get started with Dashboards you will need to set up your Searches first as they are the foundation of your Meltwater Account. To learn about setting up your searches, read this article here.

Creating a Dashboard

Check out this product tutorial which will walk you through these steps on your screen!

Dashboards are built from your pre-configured Searches. Therefore, the first step to building a Dashboard is to create your Searches.

  • Select Dashboards from the left-hand side navigation bar

  • Select the purple Create Dashboard button (if you do not see this, check your user settings to make sure you are set up as an administrator)

  • Choose from one of the preset options to load a suggested layout or select 'Create Custom Dashboard' to design your own. Select 'Build Dashboard'

  • Select the Search, Tag or incoming RSS Feed you'd like to analyze via the dropdown list for Primary Search.

  • Give your Dashboard a name relevant to the topic it is analyzing

  • Select 'Create Dashboard'

Check out this video for further details on building a Dashboard:

Once you have created your Dashboard you can review your updated widgets. Learn more about understanding your Dashboards via the following short video:


The Widgets within Dashboard are the graphs and analytics that can be added onto your page. These are customisable to help you tailor your reporting to needs.

For an overview into each Widget please review this article here.

For further details into how to add a widget to your dashboard please review this article here.

The color scheme used on our widgets can also be updated to further match your branding, for further details into how to update the colors please review this article here.

Creating a Dashboard Email Report:

Dashboard Reports are built from the widgets in your Dashboards and are reoccurring emails distributed on a weekly basis with analytics of the last 7 days coverage. Therefore, the first step to creating a report is to build your Dashboard.

  • Open your dashboard

  • Select the Actions dropdown list from the top right corner

  • Select Report Settings

  • Within the Report Settings window, update the Title, Recipients and Send Day.

  • Select Save


You can also create a Dashboard Report by navigating through Report tab via the lefthand side navigation bar. Click Create New Report, and then choose Dashboard Report as your Report Type.

Sharable Dashboards

You can customise your Dashboard page into a presentation deck which can then be shared with others without needing to log into the Meltwater platform.

To get started select "Share Dashboard" from the drop-down Actions menu.

To read more about shareable dashboards, check out this article here.


Dashboard Date Range

You may want to modify the date range of a Dashboard. To do this, select the specific Dashboard you wish to make changes to and click on the drop down box (upper right-hand corner above your widgets) to display your date range options. You may choose 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, or set a customized date range.

Exporting Dashboards

You may want to export content from a dashboard for further analysis and reporting. Content shown in the dashboard widgets can be exported into PDF, Image, Simple Excel or Advanced Excel formats.

  • Open your existing dashboard

  • When hovering over a widget, click into a larger view via the blue arrow

  • Select the export icon in the top right corner

  • Select your type of export

Note: Depending on the file type you choose, the file will either download to your computer or send through email.

Edit your Dashboard

Check out this product tutorial which will walk you through these steps on your screen!

To Edit your Dashboard go to Dashboards and click on the Dashboard Name you wish to open. You may then click the Gear Icon to go into Edit mode.

Here you can edit the Dashboard name or date range, modify the search criteria, add, delete, move and/or make a copy of a widget.

Other Analytic Reporting Options

In addition to Dashboard, Meltwater has other ways to generate analytics reports: PR Insights reports and Impact reports.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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