How to View and Share a Broadcast Clip

Share Broadcast coverage with your team and stakeholders.

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Once you have set up your broadcast tracking, you can share, download, or archive the clips you are monitoring. Read below to learn more:

Viewing TVEyes Content

When either the radio or television link is selected, you are brought to the TVEyes website where you are able to watch or listen to the clip.

The page also displays information about the clip including program and viewership information. At the bottom of the page is the transcript for the clip that is highlighted as the clip plays.

Tips on Searching for a Specific Clip

With your broadcast package you have access to an unlimited number of broadcast clips, this means you may be using the ad hoc search to for a recent clip which didn't match with your keywords.

If you have a specific broadcast clip in mind, we recommend starting your search by refining the results to the details you have for the clip:

1. Potential Keywords

Within the three boxes of Simple Search, enter as many potential words from the clip as possible into the middle 'at least one'

e.g. If the clip is an interview with a university professor, we'd recommend searching for keywords such as the university's name, professor's name, terms relating to the person's title 'Professor', terms about the topic being discussed and terms relating to their area of study.

2. Refine your date

Use the date options at the top right to refine to a specific date. If you know the exact date, use the 'Custom ...' option to select that date as the start and end.

All the results will load from most recent to least. If your clip was featured in the morning of your refine date, you can use the sort icon


to reorder the content by 'Ascending'.

3. Refine to TV or Radio

Under the quick pick source selections, Radio and Television are available.

If that didn't do the trick, it's likely our team will need to assist you with a further investigation.

Suggested action: directly let our team know via Live Chat. Please make sure to include the link to the article, and our support team will investigate. Please see a screen tour here of where to find the Live Chat icon.

How to Trim a Clip and Share

  1. Open your broadcast clip.

    Note that if you have the Canadian or Australian download package, you'll need to open your clip from within your Meltwater system search folder and not an email report.

  2. Select the Editor tab.

  3. Use the timeline scroll bar or selecting text to find the starting point of your clip. When you've found the point to start at Select the green Set Start button.

  4. Use the timeline scroll bar to move to the end of the clip, once the clip has played to the end. Select the red Set End button.

  5. The Duration of the clip will then be displayed on your page.

  6. Select the blue Next button.

  7. Select Instant Play and select Next.

  8. The 'Complete your Edit' page will load, Select Finish.

  9. It may take a moment for the next page to load, once it does copy the Instant Play Link. This link can be shared with your colleagues and will play the content for up to 30 days after the clip initially aired.

  10. Select Done

Please Note:

  • ONLY Canadian Clients that have purchased downloads have the option to download clips. If you would like to download a clip - please reach out to your rep directly or If available - please select Download instead of Instant Play and follow the prompts to enter your email address to be sent the clip.

  • You may have the option to Archive a clip (if purchased in your contract). When archiving a clip - the clip saves indefinitely, as long as you archive every 30 days.

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