Most of your Meltwater use will begin with searches. The videos below will help you master boolean search logic, and begin your first search. Take a look below to get started!

Getting to know Meltwater's searching options

When setting up new keywords within the platform, the Search function provides two ways to input your new terms for monitoring: Simple Search and Advanced Search (Boolean).

Simple Search is the default option when you are entering keywords into the large search bar and is designed to help you customize terms that you do and do not want to search for without the use of Boolean operators, such as AND or NOT.

Advanced Search allows for more specific search parameters to be defined through the use of a Boolean query. To learn more about how Boolean queries are structured and can be updated, check out our How to Master Boolean Search Logic

Awesome, now that you have finished watching the video, let's tackle this right away:

  • Compile your list of keywords (remember that you can include keywords you do NOT want to appear in your search and that we will also suggest keywords for you when you're adding in your own keywords)

  • Build your first search. You can modify your search anytime or save it if you're happy with it!

  • Practice boolean by searching for your company leaders, partners, investors, or competitors

If you're ready for a more in-depth look at both of these features, check out the below video and articles.

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Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

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