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Each screen tutorial will direct you to the relevant section of the app.meltwater.com platform and prompt you through each step with helpful tips and best practices.

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How to hide content that has come into the results: Screen tour and unhide content: Screen tour

How to export content to an excel file via Inbox: Screen tour


How to build a new Dashboard: Screen tour

How to edit an existing Dashboard and add a new Widget graph: Screen tour

When on your Dashboard, how to edit an existing Widget graph: Screen tour

Media Relations

How to search for Contacts in the database and add them to a list: Screen tour

How to import contacts from a .csv excel file: Screen tour or how to export contacts: Screen tour

How to add email addresses to be approved senders for your releases: Screen tour

How to send a press release: Screen tour

How to send a newswire: Screen tour



How to run a search: Screen tour

Once in your search, how to target your search to specific publications or source base: Screen tour

How to export the content to an excel spreadsheet: Screen tour


How to export the content to an excel spreadsheet: Screen tour

Incoming RSS Feeds

How to add an RSS Feed into your system: Screen tour

Add Content

How to manually add content: Screen tour



How to send a new distribution on an existing newsletter: Screen tour

How to create a new newsletter and send your first distribution: Screen tour

How to update your newsletter distribution list: Screen tour


How to add articles to your newsfeed: Screen tour

Insight Report

How to create a new Insight Report: Screen tour


How to add new users: Screen tour and remove existing users: Screen tour

How to set up and edit Daily Digest, Instant Notification and Dashboard email reports: Screen tour

How to authorise your Instagram Business Profile for Instagram monitoring: Screen tour

How to add email addresses as approved senders: Screen tour

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