How To Set Up Mobile Push Notifications

Follow these steps to enable instant and push notifications on your phone

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Instant Notifications alert you via push notifications on your phone when new documents match your search criteria. If you do not receive your notifications in a timely manner, read the troubleshooting steps at the bottom of this article.

This article will walk you through the following:

How to use Push Notifications

Use Instant Notifications on topics that get a few results per day/week rather than topics that get many results so that you are not overwhelmed with notifications.

You can design searches that are highly targeted to the results you want to receive on your phone.

Examples: Search for words/phrases only in headlines, and/or among the top set of sources you care most about; search for a particular set of influencers and/or topics; search for articles with negative sentiment over a certain reach, or use a custom source selection.

Set Up Instant Notifications via Push Notifications

Ensure you've downloaded the latest version of the Meltwater Mobile app for your device. For Apple users, you can download the app via the App Store. For Android, you can download the app on Google Play.

  • Log in to the app using the same log in details as for the system

  • Select the Settings icon in the top right

  • Under Notifications, Select Inbox Searches (Instant Notifications)

  • Toggle on to Enable

  • Instant Notifications On/Off per Search: Turn on instant notifications on a per search basis for your personal account (News, Social, Broadcast, and/or RSS)

  • Select Settings in the top left to go back to the initial page, the number of saved searches to distribute push notifications will now be displayed beneath 'Inbox searches'

You will now receive instant notifications! Clicking on them when they are delivered in 'heads up' mode or in the iOS/Android notification center will open the document in question over the relevant search.

Once instant notifications are turned on for 1+ searches, you can Mute them back on the original Settings page at any time.

Important Notes on Push Notification Delivery

iOS Specifics

  • You must agree to allow notifications when prompted. After logging in you'll see a notifications feature announcement, followed by a system-level request to allow notifications from Meltwater upon reaching the 'Instant Notifications Settings' screen. If you click 'Don't Allow', when you land on the Instant Notifications Settings page you will see a pop up telling you how to enable Meltwater Mobile Notifications at the iOS level. You can also do this if necessary: Go to 'Settings > Notifications > Meltwater Mobile' and toggle the 'Allow notifications' switch to On.

  • Notifications served while you are in-app (using Meltwater Mobile, in the foreground of the phone) will not be displayed on the phone's OS notifications tray for viewing later.

  • iOS does not guarantee that all notifications will be delivered 100% of the time. It is possible once in a while that notifications are dropped by the Apple service APNS and never reach the user.

Android Specifics

  • Notifications are delivered in 'heads up' mode (viewed as a pop-up push notification) only when the app is being used or the screen is locked. When the phone is in use and Meltwater Mobile is in the background (not being actively used), the phone will instead receive the notification in the notification tray on the top of the phone along with a beep/vibrate as set up by the user settings. By opening the Android notifications center you can see and click on the notification which will open in the app.

*Additional Notes:

With instant notifications, we send you articles we receive from searches you are subscribed to via push notification. This does not guarantee delivery on your phone for every single document exactly when it's sent. Apple and Google throttle, bundle, and drop some articles intentionally to create a better overall experience as they see fit.

Google does not guarantee that all notifications will be delivered 100% of the time. It is possible once in a while that notifications are dropped by the Google service GCM and never reach the user.


If you are having issues receiving your instant notifications, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the app downloaded to your device. If not, please delete the current app and download the latest version.

  2. Go to Instant Notification Settings, toggle the 'Disable' option to Off, wait a few seconds, toggle it back to On. This will reset your phone with the system and solve most problems.

  3. If you're an iOS user, ensure 'Background App Refresh' is turned 'On'. To locate this setting click on 'Settings > General > Background App Refresh'. Make sure the feature is On as well as On for Meltwater Mobile specifically. You must power down and power back up the phone after changing this setting for it to take proper effect.

  4. If you're using iOS, ensure notifications are turned on for Meltwater Mobile in your notifications app settings. Located under 'Settings > Notifications > Meltwater Mobile' turn 'Allow Notifications' to 'On'.

  5. For Android users, clear the notifications tray. If the notifications tray has more than 50 notifications from Meltwater it is possible for the OS to block further notifications from our app.

  6. Android users should ensure Google Play Services is installed. We also recommend customers use version 9.4 or higher to ensure the best delivery experience. Google Play Services is necessary to receive notifications from Meltwater Mobile.

  7. Sign out and sign back into the Meltwater app.

  8. Kill and restart the app.

  9. Delete and re-install the app. Sign back in.

  10. Turn Off the instant notification for a particular search(es) and turn it back On again.

If you find that notifications are delivered in batches or stop getting delivered please try the troubleshooting steps above and report this to us if it is not solved.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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